Dear Lucy,
I hope you are your family are well.

I just wanted you to share an extraordinary experience Mike, my husband, had with our beloved 2 year old Raffy whilst he was watching a programme dedicated to the men and women who lost their lives during the First & Second World Wars and the recent conflicts.

At one stage Mike was feeling very emotional during an interview with grieving relatives and in fact he shed a few tears.  Raffy was by his side in a flash and immediately broke into a series of pirouettes and mad dashes from one end of the house to the other leaping skywards with a reluctant rope toy!  Obviously his intention was to make Mike happy once more.  He achieved his goal! There was much laughter and Mike’s words were “He’s such a very special dog; highly sensitive and somehow able to look into one’s soul” It is such a privilege to know and love him”.

We have known and loved Airedales for the past 35 years but never before have we felt this way.

Best wishes and may these very special dogs continue to bring joy and love to their keepers.

Jill Lockwood xx

Raffy at 4 months old


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