Bob Rowatt from Spring, Texas

Dear Lucy,

I so enjoy your monthly letters and the adventures of Liberty Belle. You are so correct, Irish Terriers are like children, part of a large family with definite traits, but each one possessing their own destiny and personality.

I have enclosed a picture of our sweet Annye. She is the love of our life and certainly knows it. Not that she is spolied; she just knows she is the queen of our realm. Keely girl was our first Irish girl and set the standard for Annye, even though Annye needs no standard! It is fun to compare the similarities and differences in the two Irish lasses.


I still get tears in my eyes whenever I think about our Keely dog and her early, unexpected, sad passing. Her picture sits on my desk and her ashes are in a place of honour but, because of my searching during my mourning, I found your site and shared the knowledge that others feel as emotionally bound to the Irish Terrier as we do, without the embarrassment of feeling peculiar.

Annye has become so special to us, not a replacement or substitute, but a character unto her own who is an inseparable part of our lives. I am sure you are aware of the Irish Terrier trait of stealing things just to be cute and annoying.

Annye has taken her trait to a new level and has turned it into a business. Instead of running around with the TV control or dish towel so you can chase her, she has decided that it is much more advantageous for her to bring it to you and trade it for a treat. Bev gets so annoyed sometimes she just ignores her. Not to be outsmarted Annye retreats to her rug with the item and waits until Bev reaches her senses and pays the toll.

There are not many Micks in Houston or Texas, So when we walk, Annye is always the star of the show. Everybody loves Annye and she knows it and plays to the crowd. She has several good doggie friends in the neighbourhood, but is not keen on making new doggie friends on our walk and can be quite rude, but she has never met a human she doesnt like.

We feel a strong bond to the ’empire’ and wish there were more Irish Terriers here in the US. We look forward to more adventures from you and sharing the love of the Irish.

Your friend,

Bob Rowatt

Bob Rowatt from Spring, Texas


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