Dear Irish Terrier Friends

It is with great sadness that I need to tell you that our beloved Margo was discovered in one of Wiltshire’s ‘Fields of Barley’ when harvesting began.

The consensus of opinion is that she simply ran herself into the ground chasing hares and collapsed with fatigue.

Who knows? – but it is comforting that there is no thief to blame, no car accident and no ordeals to endure. She died doing what she enjoyed most – chasing hares.

This is our last message to our darling one – Thank you for the joy you gave us, and Boo, Laura, Imogen and Dachshund Lucas could not have loved you more.

Rest in Peace our Golden Girl, you are safe in all our hearts forever.

From Lucy, the family and all those who love Irish Terriers.








Dear Irish Terrier Friends

This is not the newsletter but with much sadness, it’s to let you know that we have had a dreadful week of tears and despair.

Last Sunday morning, my son Boo took his beautiful and so dearly loved 5 year old Irish Terrier bitch Margo, for a walk in the fields and woods around the house where they live in Wiltshire’s Woodford Valley. It was early and no one seemed to be about, but Margo set up a hare and gave chase. She disappeared and has not been found since. They called and anxiety turned to horror and then despair.







They have done absolutely everything from ground searches to drones and infra red cameras – with teams of friends and the whole village turning out to search for her. There has not been a single sighting and even a well known tracker dog seemed to find no scent of her.

The reason for letting you know this now is that it seems Clare Balding intends to put her into her Lost Dogs programme on this coming Tuesday (Channel 5, 8:00pm). I didn’t want you to see it without any warning.

I’m so sorry to come with such ghastly news and can hardly bring myself to express the sadness and anxiety we feel – I know that you’ll understand and we’re trying to remain positive but I do feel the programme may be our last hope.








She is a lovely girl with everything going for her. She makes friends everywhere and lights up the day and this is a terrible ordeal for the whole family. We can but pray for a miracle.

With my love to all




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