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Paddy at Home and Billy & Monty – read by Richard Clifford


Richard  reads with wit and humour, Paddy at Home by Lucy Jackson, a poem that illustrates perfectly, the mischief and natural high spirits of the Micks – Irish Terriers charming their way out of every trouble spot they encounter. 


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Billy & Monty – read by Richard Clifford


Richard  reads another charming piece by Lucy Jackson, an enchanting poem about the life long friendship between young Billy and his beloved Irish Terrier Monty.


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Fadden and the Fairies – read by Derek Jacobi

Fadden and the Fairies

This is a fairy story . . . which explains, in part, the ‘magic’ of dogs . . . remembering, of course, that Faddie was an Irish Terrier. Written and Illustrated by Lucy Jackson and read exquisitely by Derek Jacobi
















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