The Irish Terrier


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The Irish Terrier

Published by TFH – Kingdom Books
ISBN: 185279111X

The Irish Terrier emerged as a breed in the 1870s, although its roots go back much further. The need had always existed for a hardy working dog who was of the right size and temperament to double up as a close friend and companion to ‘his’ humans. The ‘Mick’ has been called the poor man’s sentinal, the farmer’s friend and the gentleman’s favourite. In this book, Lucy Jackson describes the breed lovingly and humorously, telling us of its origins and of the notable clogs and breeders from the late 18th century to the present day. She shares her insights into the unique character of the breed, and advises us how to choose an Irish Terrier if we decide it is the breed for us. She also advises on such matters as care, health, training and breeding. At the end of the book is a list of Irish Terrier Champions since 1875.

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