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Lucy Jackson

‘Why I love Irish Terriers’

I have loved Irish Terriers, since as a small child our beloved Jocky Boy arrived – a present for my older brother. 

He lived for 17 years and was wilful, quirky and indomitable to the end and he loved us with his life.

I have few memories of childhood which do not include Jock – the games, the walks, picnics, holidays, busking for the war effort.  There were embarrassing uninvited ‘turning up’ at every village gathering, at school, church and sports days. I remember the endless laughter and the final tears.

 My own ‘Irish’, for I have never been without one have run through my life, each marking out an era which remains completely their own – not least when my children were babies and growing up, through the noisy energetic teenage years and finally their leaving home and followed by their continuous telephone calls to ask about the dogs.    They have been an enormous influence on all our lives and I believe helped to create a family mood of amusement and affection.   

Lucy JacksonNow as a widow, I live with my beloved Liberty Belle who is no saint and provides me with constant entertainment and is undoubtedly one of my life’s great pleasures.  

Apart from the joy they have given me, their welfare and promotion as a breed have been an enormous interest and a life long commitment.  I served on the committee of The Irish Terrier Association for many years and have the honour to be their President and am the Patron of the Southern Irish Terrier Society.  I am not just a fan but a devotee!

Setting up the website

‘We love Irish Terriers’ is a labour of love and brings my greetings and good wishes and special love to all your dogs.

Do keep in touch and share our respect and affection for our wonderful breed.

Lucy Jackson