Friends Letters

We are often sent letters by our friends around the world. Here are some of them. Click on the photographs of Irish Terriers that were included for larger versions.

Dear Lucy, 

I hope you are well. 
I just thought I’d share a picture of our handsome Edgar with you. He is almost a year old now. He is growing up nicely into a very nice young fellow. He is so much fun to be around. My daughters Marianne and Romane love him, we all do! Irish terriers are very special!  
We have had a very cold Winter so far, but besides that, Mister Edgar loves playing in the snow!
Best wishes, 
Anne-Bianca & Edgar


Dear Lucy,

We have one more favourite photograph of our Irish Ruby Dance
we couldn’t resist sending to you, knowing your love of this
beautiful breed, hope your like her birthday cake treat picture
made by our daughter Eve, who adores Ruby and constantly
photographs her as she is such a beauty. Kazyx


Dear Lucy.It’s you we all thank, for your great love of the red terriers. Having our Red and joining the company of his fellows, and their “staff”, brought us inestimable joy. We have had several lovely dogs in our time, all wonderful, but the ‘Micks’ are quite extraordinary.

Much love to all.

Tony and Jennifer.

Dear Lucy.

Thank you for your lovely newsletter. So nice to see the Terriers
having fun.
Nearly a year now without our boy and still missing him terribly.

Lots of love.

Tony and Jennifer.


Thank you for your newsletters, they are always lovely to read.

We live in the South of France, and have an Irish Terrier called Coco. My parents live only 5 minutes away, and they have her sister, Shula, so we go for many walks together.

If ever you decide to holiday in the Languedoc, please don’t hesitate to get it touch, it would be lovely to meet up !

Best regards,

Dear Lucy. Thank you for your latest lovely newsletter. So beautifully written and a joy to read. Here’s Red at 15 now. Still playful and roguish. Always up for it. Stubborn, and determined to have his own way ! He has his own bedroom and sleeps the night through; except that lately he comes into our room in the early hours, wakes me up, and asks me to lift him onto our bed. He then curls up blissfully and snores away the rest of the night. What can we do ! Who can resist. Very best wishes. Tony, and Jennifer. Taplow.

I do love your newsletters, the photos and this time especially the one with you playing the piano accompanied by your lovely dogs.  But especially the spirit that comes with what and how you describe your life with your wonderful dogs makes your letters so unique and this goes for your calendars as well.
I was very touched that you sent me a free calendar as a gift additional to the one I ordered for my aunt. Thank you so so much!
All the very best for you,
Beatrix Zech (daughter of Oculi Stauffenberg)

Dear Lucy, Thank you very much for the calendar for 2020, and I do appreciate your sending it. I’m pleased to hear that you enjoyed the Aussie bird calendar. Jessie and Cassie are still doing ok for their age, and they do have some health issues which are currently being attended to by our vet. Lucy is now 19 months old, and occasionally is still getting up to mischief, especially when she doesn’t get her own way. She is so strong willed. She does keep the old girls young, and when she does get a little rough, especially with Cassie, I have to break up their playing, and get her to settle down. She was annoying Cassie the other day when Cassie was trying to nap, so I sent her outside. She stole my backyard hat from the high table on the deck, and you can see the result in the photo. We finally have received some storm rain here in south east Queensland after the long drought. We have been worried about bushfires because some of them were quite close to us. We’re hoping to receive our rainy season this year as we haven’t had it for a few years, and it has been so hot and dry. In some areas out west, there is still drought, but we are lucky compared to New South Wales and the other States with the catastrophic bushfires. It is heartbreaking! Most of the fires were lit by arsonists and lightning strikes. The drought has badly affected all of Australia as I’m sure you’ve heard in the media. There hasn’t been back burning or undergrowth cleared done in forests, national parks etc because of the Greens and environmentalists, and I’m quite sure things are going to change now. This Country has always had drought, bushfires and floods, but they have not happened all at the same time. Now, I’m going to have a nice cuppa. i hope yourself, Libby and Marybelle are all in good health, and we all wish you a healthy and safe 2020. Love, Glynnis, Anne , Carol, Jessie, Cassie and Lucy


Dear Lucy, I thought you might like to see the montage I made last summer – ‘the life of Brogan’ See if you can spot the photo you used for the calendar. Kindest regards, Sharon.

Dear Lucy,
We just received
 your Christmas cards
and the Calendar 2020.
It’s absolutely magnificent 
Full of IT mischief and gentleness 
The pictures are fresh,  wild and touching.
The colors of the days brighten each month.
Another 12 month of visual fun that inspire friendship and joy.
Thank you.
Love to the dogs and You
Rõza, Bertie and Christiane

My Grandfather Michael P. Gately is one of the founders of the Irish Terrier Club of New York. He is known as Mike, breeder of many Champion Irish Terriers! God Bless the Irish Terriers!

Hello Lucy,

Loved your newsletter and all your wonderful photos. 

I feel the same about the EU flag. It’s like a red flag to a bull and affects me just the same.Must be our age group and our independent spirit.
I, like you, adore plants, nature, animals and dogs. In fact I go so far to say they keep me sane in these unpredictable times.
Keep writing your lovely Newsletters.
Kind regards,


Dear Lucy,

I just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoy your newsletters – always fun, informative, and enjoyable to read – as well as featuring some really lovely photos of the doggies.

Please keep up the good work! Your words are enjoyed and appreciated by so many Irish Terrier owners and fans of the breed J

Kind regards,


Letter from Emma & Tiggy

Thank you Lucy for your lovely poem about our Red fellows (Brocaire Rúa). My Oscar is pushing on in the years, he is now 10. Still in good form but his hearing is fading. Luckily he responds to gestures. I have just put him and Milly, our little crossbred Lab, to bed smug as a bug on a very wet cold night.

Yes there is something about our breed which speaks of ancient times in our Celtic Mists. There is certainly a uniqueness in their loyalty and patterns of behaviour. Oscar tolerates all visitors but is very suspicious of mature male visitors. He is very much a one-man dog and guards his “patch” against all strangers. The ancient Irish annals speak of An Cú (the Hound) guarding his Master and his Territory. Cú Cullan was the name given to Setanta the ancient Irish warrior who guarded his (Chief) against all comers.

Kindest regards from Ireland.

Dear Lucy,

A huge thank you for seeing us, but also for so kindly giving us tea. It was so good on a hot balmy day to sit in your super conservatory sharing dog memories and much more. 

I love your two girls. Not only are they delightful and pretty, but full of energy and fun. They will keep you on your toes and fit for years to come!

I enclose some fun photos of James. One on guard duty and taking it very seriously indeed. Then there is the one of him perched in the cat basket when he first arrived, as he thought it was his bed poor boy. Two of James with Richard’s kittens, who came here for a visit and then the two with what looks like an aura around James and are quite extraordinary. No other photos at the time were like that just the ones of James. Who knows ? I never dismiss anything. 

We much hope you will come and join us here during the History Festival. In the mean time thank you for putting up with the three of us at such short notice. Take good care of yourself. 

Lots love,

Inga and RAM


Hi Lucy


Only forwarding to you as you described in one of your newsletters about delivering Tory leaflets…  (as I do – and I run the Committee Room/Campaign centre for my Ward (in Westminster).

For info: Jim Glen is one of the 3 successful Conservative candidates….in Tachbrook Ward (with a 47.3% turnout!)

Have a giggle.



Dear Lucy,

We have just read the latest IT News letter and wanted to send our sincere condolences following the loss of dear Tess.  It is so difficult when our beloved ones leave us after all the joy they gave us in their lifetimes.

Our boy Dooley is up there somewhere high in the sky and will be sure the keep Tess company along with all the others who have gone before.  What ethereal antics will they be up to now …?!  To be “Miss May” at the end is a fitting way to mark one’s presence amongst us after nearly fifteen years of love, being loved and being an Irish Terrier.

May all the memories of the life shared with Tess help you all quickly through this sad time.

With our love,

John, Gilly and, of course, Finbarr


Dear Lucy,

Firstly, may we thank you enormously for what you do, and have done, to keep awareness of this amazing vulnerable breed alive over the many years you have been doing so.

Much as we have enjoyed the regular gallery pictures on of happy dogs in various exotic and exciting places, we thought the attached picture of our dog, Paddy (7yrs), might show the more “independent” side of their character when he decided to vote with his feet during a recent 5 mile walk which was perhaps further than he wished to go on that particular day?! Needless to say he was back on his feet again within seconds of treat bag appearing!!

Kind Regards,

Steve & Liz Barr

Dear Lucy,

Thank you so much for the good read this month.

And I am glad to have you back in good health and your Irish Terrier manners intact. You know that you represent a great part of the magic around our beloved Micks. And we don’t won’t to lose our Magic Pixie,  “Lucy”.

Kindest Regards


Dear Lucy

We always enjoy reading your newsletters. Sorry to hear you have been so unwell and wish you a speedy recovery.

We live on the East Coast –  Harwich.  Our two year old Irish Terrier Rory enjoys daily morning runs on the beach before I leave for work, with companionship throughout the day with my husband.  Today for him was different.  We awoke to barking as he stood glaring out of our bay window at the snow which was all so new to him. With a gentle ‘nudge’ of encouragement out of the back door, as he looked questioning at the change to this new world.  Soon he was rushing around with snow flakes clinging to his beard and legs! As his confidence built and we made our way onto the beach this was the start of another new venture for him. With the deepest snow we have experienced on the beach in nearly 20 years, being lapped by the incoming tide, this was truly a magical experience for all to enjoy. With moored boats and ropes to avoid, with unknown hidden items beneath each step, the familiar beach was blanketed in mystery, and isolation as we cautiously took each stride.

By the evening Rory had totally embraced his new world, and it was me who was anxious not to slip over on the ice as we embarked on our evening routine, trying to shelter from cold winds and avoid breaking waves along the promenade.

As the cold weather continues the challenges of walking outside and driving as we go about our daily lives sees the magic that snow brings dwindle to the harsh reality that the icy cold and challenging demanding weather brings to all.

I hope you will soon be feeling back to your former self with Libbs and Marybel by your side. With the fun and challenges of our well loved companions,  and the true pleasure they bring, I am sure this will soon be the case.

Although frustrating it can be when unwell, it gives us time to stop and enjoy so many things we often miss in our busy lives, such as the magic of the snow.

Wishing you well, we look forward to reading your next newsletter in due course.

Best wishes

Elizabeth & Rory

Dear Lucy,

Alice is doing really well since I worked out that she can’t eat starch but now that she’s feeling better I’m afraid she is becoming naughtier.

I forgive her because she is very creative and expresses this through conceptual art. She makes interesting arrangements of objects that she has collected. These artworks could be inside or outside; whatever inspires her.

Attached is one of her earlier pieces. I’d love to bring her to your place to visit and play by the sea with Marybel and Libby and to see you too, perhaps late March-April when it’s our birthday time.

I’ll keep trying to get you on the phone. Be well and hope to see you soon… Much love Lisa and Alice XXX

PS The second pic is Alice today. her snow sculptures have been very minimalist!

Dear Lucy,

I send you a summer picture from 2011. It is on the beach in the South of Spain. Two big friends enjoy the view of the sea. My Irish Terrier, Chess and my little Mediterranean Seagull Bfebp

Many characteristics are described for the Irish Terrier, but there is one trait that was special for Chess. He loved to contemplate into the distance, It could be the far distance into beautiful landscape or it could be the far distance over the sea surface.

You could feel his peace and his joy. Precious moments of feeling united with him.

It would happen more often in the evenings.