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Fola as a puppy





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Ziggy –

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If you would like to have your pictures of you and your special friend on this page please send them to us and we will be delighted to publish them. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sue's Irish Terrier

Sue writes- We are completely smitten and would never consider any other breed. I cannot believe their character and how much joy they bring

Rudy from Canada

Juno and her puppies

Juno and her puppies

Lucy with Juno's only boy, Rudy

Lucy with Juno’s only boy, Rudy

Dixie's puppies

Clever Dixie had puppies earlier this year – here they are exploring the outside world in their garden.


Our 2 month old Irish Terrier, called Gladstone, is a puppy from Ann Bradley. He is absolutely wonderful and not frightened of anything!!! He is self-assured and has a great sense of humour.

Hello Lucy,

We met some years ago at the Irish Terrier Fun Day when you were very sympathetic to hear that I had lost two beautiful Irish Terriers, mother and daughter.  I now have the gorgeous Karma who had a litter on Christmas night 2013! She had 7 puppies – two boys and 5 girls and we are pleased to say that all the puppies have now found wonderful homes.


Raffy at 4 months old

Raffy at 4 months old – he’s settling down nicely!


Dear Jane and Lucy,

Thought you would like to see a snap of our new pup Monty.

Despite our resolve not to have another with Tilly now being blind and the decision that it would not be fair on her, we got a phone call from Anne Bradley to say that a dog pup had come on the market due to a cancellation in a litter bred by Diana Nichols. This happened on the Thursday before the Easter weekend, 24hrs after giving it some thought our resolve was broken and we knew he had to be ours! And by Easter Monday he was.

After a couple of weeks the three dogs have settled in together and Tilly is turning out to be quite the little mother and shows great concern if he cries!

So now we are a three Irish family, and life is slightly bonkers!!!


A couple of weeks ago I at long last completed the acquisition of an Irish Terrier Puppy.  Eppie* has now settled into the vicarage and is a great delight.

She was a little unsettled the first two nights, but then a neighbour lent me a fur lined cat basket which placed in front of the Aga seemed to do the trick.

She was an adorable bundle of fluff when she arrived, as you can see from the photos, but is growing now by the day.

House training is a bit hit and miss at the moment but she has her second injection on Monday which will allow a little more flexibility in going out.

I returned to Hampsire last weekend and took her to my mother’s nursing home so she could have a cuddle.

Difficult to imagine life without Eppie now…just like the arrival of a new baby!

[*named after Silas Marner’s adopted daughter in George Eliot’s great novel]

Monty Burke

Monty Burke who arrived in May 2013.

Tinker nee Violet

Tinker nee Violet

Anna with Penny

Anna with the very cheeky Penny who arrived in time for Christmas 2013. She is fantastic and they absolutely love her to  bits.


Here is Muddy who is five months old and lives with her family in Turkey.

Susie and Bartley are happy to announce the arrival of 6 boys. Susie is a lovely mum and is looking after them beautifully. Susie, Bartley and the pups are great!  As you can see from these recent photos they are really growing!  They are starting to really play with each other now which is very entertaining!  Susie is a lovely mum and pops in and out when she pleases. They are on 3 solid meals now and a late night milk feed and then Susie’s milk as well when she calls by!

Bartley is allowed to peep round the door and watch but Susie is very protective and won’t let him much closer even though they adore each other!  The pups are 4 weeks now.


Thistle joined our family on 14th January and has been worming her way into our hearts ever since.  She is a real character (I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that!) and loves playing – mainly this means biting my poor hands unfortunately!  We have our two German Shorthaired Pointers who weren’t very impressed with this annoying, biting little bundle of fun to begin with but they are now very good with her and play with her very well.  She is determined to try to be dominant and, with the pointers being so soft, that has proved a bit of a challenge but we’re getting there!

Our other dogs have Scottish names (Islay and Rona) and Euan decided on Thistle to continue the theme. Euan and I are both looking forward to the puppy biting stage being over so that he can be more involved with her training and exercise.

I’ve very much enjoyed looking at Lucy’s website and we are both looking forward to many years of fun with Thistle.

Willow and her puppies

Willow and her puppies

Thanks for sending the books out, we love them!  We wanted to share pictures of the new puppy.  His name is “Red” and he is a real sweetheart.  We named him Red because we are in our new house and we believe that God provided a miracle for us similar to the parting of the Red Sea in the days of Moses to help us get here.

We purchased Red from a breeder in the state of Missouri, and we are in New York.  We live on Long Island out east on a nice 3/4 acre piece of property which is perfect for Red to protect for us.  Red is very courageous!  He had to fly on a plane all day last Friday just to get here!  I picked him up at the cargo area at the airport and even though he was rough around the edges when I got there he still managed a wag, a lick, and ate his food and water immediately! He sleeps through the night in his crate in our bedroom and not even a whimper!  The book you wrote about raising these puppies has been very beneficial and has helped us understand his personality.

Ira, Kristin, and Kids

Meet Iggy our first Irish who we got after attending the AGM in Stratford, where we were fortunate to have a brief chat with Lucy, and to completely fall in love with the breed. His sire is Montelle Irish Vision and he was bred by the Hyde’s over in Wales from Seeingred Red Storm. He’s now 18 weeks, a complete monkey and a great comedian!


Biffy is 10 months old and walks on Hampstead Heath – look out for him – he’s the friendliest of dogs and can’t wait to meet other dogs, kids or indeed anyone who looks at him!

Liberty Belle in her first frost

Liberty Belle in her first frost.

Cormac in the garden

Cormac is most helpful in the garden, this is my passion and thanks to him all of the plants have been relocated. Creative as well as clever!




Riley who is 14 weeks old.  I grew up with an Irish Terrier called Murphy and now we have a family of our own thought this addition was well overdue.


Flynn (dad Fleet Street Fenway Fan) has a great temperament and is very intelligent. He is great with our 4 children, Richard Robins.

Libby with Zu

Libby with Zu enjoying the summer.

Liberty asleep with Tess

Lucy’s puppy Liberty asleep with Tess