Lucy has written many poems! Listen to a selection of them read by Derek Jacobi, Joanna Lumley, Jeanette Sterk, Gayle Hunnicut and of course, by Lucy herself.

Ghost Dogs

Most of us who have loved and lost a dog feel at times that somewhere,  somehow, they are still around.

The Ghost Dogs is poem written and illustrated by Lucy Jackson. This version has been set to music and sung by Loz-Ann McCarthy.

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“The Terrier” by Lucy Jackson. Read by Derek Jacobi.

Derek Jacobi


If you ask me why I don’t always do as you say.
It’s simply because I know best.
I’m a terrier remember and following rules never puts my skills to full stretch.

I keep myself toned and all senses well honed
To cope with matters of urgency
For I’m in charge here and you must be aware
That I deal with every emergency

We’re invaded by pigeons and squirrels and frogs
My patrol of the garden is ceaseless.
I dig all those holes just to trap a few moles,
A passing fox or weasel.

That cat on the gate is a crying disgrace
I’m biding my time to dispatch her
The mouse in the cupboard is really a rat
I’ve plans in the pipeline to snatch her

You complain about barking ..well it’s mostly for laughing
And I’m perfectly charming to friends.
But I can abide liberties, presumptions and subtleties
From dogs who may wish to offend.

I admit to some issues…on chewing and tweaking
And loafing on sofas and chairs
But even when snoozing I’m ready and willing
And quick as a flash I’ll be there.

For you know that I love you with all that I am
And all that I have is yours
And all of my life like that green, green grass is yours and yours and yours

“With apologies to Leo Marks and Violette”

“Love Song” by Lucy Jackson. Read by Joanna Lumley.

Joanna Lumley


“Return to Beachy Head” by Lucy Jackson. Read by Gloria Hunnicut.

Gayle Hunnicut


“The Scooter” by Lucy Jackson. Read by Jenny Starke.

Jeanette Sterk


“Dogs Playing” written and read by Lucy Jackson.

Lucy Jackson