ANIMALS OF WW1 by Helen Long

ANIMALS OF WW1 by Helen Long

They died there in their millions,
And didn’t have a choice,
The horses and the donkeys,
Who never had a voice.

They served in dumb obedience,
Among the soldiers’ hell;
Their beauty torn and mangled,
They suffered and they fell.

Then dogs who were so loyal,
And helped to cheer the lads,
Where there was such companionship,
The trenches weren’t so bad.

The ‘Micks’ who carried messages,
And kept the rats at bay—
Their great heroic deeds should still
Be recognised today…

…These feisty Irish Terriers,
Who played so big a part,
As well as serving King and country,
Also warmed the heart!

The pigeons and their vital role
Should be remembered too:
Conveying crucial information,
Faithfully they flew…

Now all have recognition,
And justice has been done—
It’s fitting that their nation should
Remember every one!

ANIMALS OF WW1 by Helen Long


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