Nicki & Christian Franklin

My name is Nicki. I have been receiving your wonderful newsletters, following enquiries I made through Ann some time back, of Irish Terrier breeders and networks.  I met Ann a long time ago when we welcomed our first Irish Terrier into the family.  I was 15 years old, and had spent years harassing my parents for a dog.  Knowing I was allergic to just about every animal and a list of other substances both natural and manmade, my father spent a long time researching breeds before he announced we were going to get an ‘Irish’.

At first we were surprised at the choice, we had never heard, or seen one.  Now looking back, it was the best thing that ever happen to us, me, I am hooked for life..  Gambol was our first Irish, and he was everything and more you could expect from the breed.  He was my best friend and I adored him until he departed this world at the ripe age of 15 ½ years.  He travelled the world with us, spent 2 terms in Quarantine, which was a crime, and was the most amazing living entity that came into my life.  I have always loved dogs, but having an Irish is another thing altogether.

I love your newsletter, it details explicitly,  the features, and personality of Irish Terriers, and more than anything, it captures the love and laughter they bring into our lives.  They are extraordinarily amusing, and are so connected to us and our behaviours is almost scary at times.  Our current Irish is called Bertie.  He was breed from one of Ann’s Champions and a lady called Candice.  I was determined for him to have the same linage as Gambol, and  it is amazing our similar they are.  I call Bertie the puppy Messiah.  He is simply gorgeous,  His temperament, energy and mannerisms are perfect.  He is a total darling, trained while keeping his independence and personality, and is loved by everyone.  It is ridiculous how many times we are stopped on walks, and while he is with me constantly, I refrain for taken him to the garden centres when I am in a rush, as it adds another hour to the trip, with the amount of people that make a fuss over him.  And more importantly for him to ensure he has said hello to everyone, and given one of his specials ‘ A Bertie Bear hug’

Thank you for the letters, they are lovely to read, long may they continue, if you are ever in the region of Northwest London With Liberty Belle, it would be super to go for a romp with the dogs.

Nicki & Christian

Nicki & Christian Franklin


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