News of Nell from Angela

Dear Lucy

Well it’s four months since the accident and Nell seems to be fine. Sleeps more I think, but of course it’s dark and it’s winter, and I’m not out in the garden so much.
Unfortunately, Tony has had a knee replacement and cannot take her out of course for a while. She has to put up with ‘little ole me’ and I can’t throw anything far enough!


We have been a little apprehensive now of things happening around us on walks, but she is generally relaxed when out. She’s a little bit ‘SO I’m missing a leg’ ?! When dogs become interested in her. Typical Irish. I love her. I sent you some photos with her trophy sticks which she has to go in and find in the woods. Her fur has grown really well and lots of people just don’t notice what’s happened at all.

Such relief! What year!!

Do hope you are keeping well. Best wishes,


Nell smiling again



Nell with one of her ‘Trophy sticks’



News of Nell from Angela


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