Angela with regards to Nell’s accident

Dear Lucy

I felt i just had to let you know what happened a few weeks ago. Nell had to have her right back leg amputated. She was ‘spooked’ by some boys with fishing nets whilst out for a walk with Tony and decided to head for home! She was hit by a car just a road away from home, and after five men lifted the car off her, she ran the rest of the way, to arrive at the front door as i was coming out to find her in the car. (Tony had phoned me, thank goodness for mobiles!).

Her leg was shattered and there was no option. Awful, awful time for us all. However everything else seems to be fine and she is scooting around quite well. She has barked at the postman, and wags her tail to everyone as usual. She is still with us! It happened before her ‘Diva’ month ran out on the calendar, and at the moment she is unable to work out how to sit in her chair. So sad.

I hope you enjoyed your holiday,

Best Wishes,


Angela with regards to Nell's accident


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