Newsletter April / May  2021

Newsletter April / May  2021


Dear Irish Terrier Friends

Is it possible that a year has passed since we first met the word Lockdown? – I’ve even learnt not to say Lockup! It has now become a familiar ever present  word in our everyday speech. The first bout was rather fun – time to read and pretend to have a stab at tidying up, but the second round has been been tedious and the long dark winter days seemed endless.
I cannot complain as life in Lymington is so much easier than in London, there’s always a west wind across the Solent blowing in our faces and as long as the dogs are well and cheerful, which they have been, one can count so many blessings – and I do.

Because of the tragedy and sadness of the last war people of my age tend to wonder what on earth all the fuss has been about. But I do feel that in some way it is easier to fight for a common cause than fall in a heap of boredom and inertia which kick in occassionally.


And spring has come like a little piece of heaven. How on e arth TS Elliot could write ‘April is the cruellest month’ when it is pure magic, so full of hope and the joy of welcoming ‘old friends’  (I am talking of the plants)  – appearing in the garden. How do they know when to wake and turn dry sticks into green leaves, buds and blossom. My ‘loveliest of trees’ the cherry, has burst into white puffs of blossom – and the little birds sing. The old mistle thrush has claimed his patch and the blackbirds are tuning up and practicing their musical cadences, heaven knows where or how they learn  – or invent them.

I’ve been in London for a few days and left Miss Libbs and Maryb with their adored dog walker Marie. She came to stay in the house and to look after the old canary Biggles who’s still fighting fit at nearly 14. Marie’s partner Jamie joined the band and they are really charming young people. The girls adore Jamie and Marie says “I just tag along”. Marybell tried every morning to go off to work with him in his van. They had a lovely time, they all had fun and Marie laughingly confessed that they all slept together in one bed with Libbs in the middle. It seems she needed the odd ‘cool off’ on the floor but headed back waking everyone up to claim her favourite spot on the bed. They were in fine form when I returned and were pleased enough to see me, but rushed to the gate when Marie left to climb back in her van – Oh well, I know my place.

London was interesting – more crowded than ever. And I was amazed  to see people sunning themselves on the pavement in Harley Street. I had my eyes tested and it seems I need a cataract operation in the next six months if I want to continue driving. I am thinking gently around this one. I had lunch with Derek and Richard and we took Daisy out for the walk in Regents Park. It was a beautiful day and the park looked stunning. It has been a constant place in my life since my undergraduate days and I seem to remember every tree. I always think of the gang of beloved dogs who have shared the walks with me!

Libby is such an angelic old lady now but I think she was a most unruly puppy of them all. She was a demonic footballer and impossible to catch. I got to know all the charming young  games teachers from the local schools, who would blow their whistles and call for a short pause, while I threw myself about trying to grab her. When I think back, I must have been 80+ and it would have been a most unsuitable performance!

Daisy is dear girl, she is a real love bunny and rather quiet when she is not with Marybell! She hasn’t in fact been very well and seems to have a recurring digestive problem. I sometimes wonder whether London is so full of dogs now that the infection rates are probably very high and ‘bugs’ so easily passed around. She makes me feel I am a special friend and I always have a tear on my cheek when we say goodbye.

Thank heavens for a few visitors, Jamie was down from London and Arabella Dorman (the artist who painted Libby’s portrait which is at the Kennel Club), brought her family down, including their 2 marvellous Irish Terriers, Zorba and Ziggy. It was such a happy day. Allegra and Orlando are charming children, enthusiastic, chatty and amusing.  How we laughed, it all seems so very familiar. Marybell can never believe the wonder of children with whom she can play. It was Easter Monday and a beautiful day and we walked along the sea wall looking at boats and clouds – high jinks all the way. It is rare to find a Mick who is not instinctively drawn to children and Zorby and Ziggy never mind sharing their beloved babes with Maryb. Libbs kept an eye out for Jamie. He and I talk for England and we were lit up for days.

My dear friend Debbie, who has designed the calendar for years, has set up a YouTube channel for us – you probably know more about it than I do, but it’s an amusing way, so they tell me, to put up videos about our best beloveds. You can follow the link here – and do send in your videos just for the fun of it.

We are also on Instagram, follow us on weloveirishterriers. It is an interesting exercise for me. I’d like to sign myself ‘baffled in Lymington’ but it seems a popular thing for today.


We have a new edition of Stories of Breezy and Blarney – you can find it on the website here – there are free copies for the first 5 orders that come in.



We’ve had a lovely crop of beautiful puppies this spring,  here  is a picture from Hamish which shows the puppy is a great success.




We send our love to them all.

Have you noticed the enormous Moon this month. It’s a new word for Libbs and Mb and they look up barking loudly at the night sky!

We’re waiting for the Swallows to arrive.  Do send a prayer . . . that they come through safely this year!

          Many greetings and
                hopes for the summer

                          Love to the dogs

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