Breezy and Blarney

We have a new edition of Stories of Breezy and Blarney – a better presentation and with a bright new cover.

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The stories were originally told to amuse my granddaughters Harriet and Kate, but  were set in the 1960s when my children were very young. In the family, we call  this time ‘The Hampstead Years’ – we lived on hedge of the West Heath, a perfect place for dogs and children to play and wander.

We seemed to know everyone, dogs, walkers, bird watchers and innumerable children. The characters are all real people who lived near the Heath at a time when London was less crowded and there were half the number of cars on the road.

We were all great friends and the stories are seeped in truth if not totally accurate, for instance, I was the one butted in the rear by the billy goat, not the father in the story!

Breezy and Blarney are a mix of the dogs we knew and loved, including our own Ceilidh and Miss Moge.

The stories reflect an easier time when life was more leisurely and full of wonderful adventures.




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  1. Eleen Craig

    Dear Lucy, I stumbled upon your website whilst reading up on IT’s, and I’ve so enjoyed your blog (and just bought your book too). Growing up as a young girl in South Africa we had an Irish Terrier on our farm and I fell in love with the breed then. Unfortunately it’s only now that I’m finally able to have a dog of my own. We’ve been in a waiting list since last year, but as everyone is currently after puppies, I don’t know when we’ll finally make it to the top. Nonetheless, I know it will be well worth the wait! In the mean time I’ll keep visiting your blog and look forward to the next post. Warmest regards, Eleen

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