Lockdown Updates

Bailey on Hampstead Heath

Lots of teeth but pure playtime on the Heath. Bailey (big brave Irish), Afghan hound and Fiddle. They were an extraordinary sight & so photogenic!

Derek Jacoby and Daisy
“Derek at the crossword. Daisy perplexed as to Why! “
Lockdown in France!





A lovely welcome home from our Woody is always guaranteed and even if we’ve been gone for 10 minutes!




Just a few more, I cannot resist!

Jeffrey and his best friend Darcy from nearby village rampaging and playing together. They communicate very clearly, almost as if they are speaking…. They really love each other, and we really cannot say the ‘D word’ flippantly in this house!




Dearest Miss Lucy
Lovely to hear from you!
Very remiss of me not to send photos of the little lady! ( Sometimes )




And the gentleman ( always very sweet in doors )
Everybody knows when we’re out on Walks  He’s very flamboyant, calming down very slowly but surely,  he’s getting there.





This is himself with his mum ( my daughter Rachel )





There were four this year, siblings!!!
We’ve had our moments but it’s been a wonderful journey so far, they are delightful.

We sold our cottage In Westonbirt last September without a house to buy but thought it wouldn’t be a problem finding another house in nearby Tetbury,
( close to Rachel, ) decided to tour Scotland for a couple of weeks then down to Cornwall  until said house came up!
But of course Lockdown happened so we’re still down hear in beautiful Cornwall, it’s been very nice.
properties are starting to come onto the market now so the real search begins!!
I have to say that I have really quite enjoyed the freedom we’ve had and the rascals definitely have !!

Very best wishes to you
and your lovely girls…
Do keep safe .

Linda and our little rascals x

Lockdown Birthday party in the New Forest. Libbs and Marybell with their friends singing Happy birthday to Bentley!




Who cares about Lockdown , when our best friends are here at home.

Happy Families

Finn & Truffle

Orlagh & Smudge






Woody enjoying the best of both worlds… He loves being outside in the sunshine but also likes to keep an eye on what’s happening in the kitchen!




Lockdown in Sussex with Mavis and the Keeling’s (love the hand/paw connection)  Maggie after a very long walk unable to keep her eyes open and Mavis having yet another 40 winks on the sun bed!

Sending many greetings










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