A Lockdown Update

Dear Irish Terrier Friends,

This is what lockdown looks like on Skye, Brandy and Meg as happy sand boys. One is forced to remember the urban dogs who have not had quite so much fun.

We all send many greetings

Dear Lucy,

Well done for continuing to enthral all we fellow Irish Terrier adorers with your lovely newsletters.Your Libs and Mary Bell so similar to our much-missed Dodger 1998-2014 (Naranja Donal) and Brandy (Shallcome Briana) who is now nearly 8 and still a loyal companion who is (mostly…….!) good and of course her big “step sister”Meg, now 2 (Jokyl – She’s a Lady)
Here are some pictures of them both here on Skye just before and during Lockdown (where we are still pretty much unchanged and a few weeks behind England in our Covid 19 relaxation of movement here in Scotland )

Best Wishes

Tim and Christine Moore


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