Remembering Red

On the 5th. of April this year our beautiful companion, Red, was put to sleep, following an untreatable collapse. This is our tribute to our beloved boy.

In 2004 Jennifer said she would love to have an Irish Terrier. Research led us to Judy Avery, who bred them. And we where welcome to come and see the puppy . So in the October off we went. He was only twelve weeks old, and of course it was love at first sight.

Red was born in July 2004. When we took him home he played happily in the back of the car all the way, with only one little puddle. He became house trained very quickly, and loved his new home.
So began over fifteen years of our wonderful friendship. He loved everybody he met, and came with us everywhere. When we had a holiday abroad he went into the local kennel, which he found was great fun.
Red loved the Shows too ,and the Windsor walks, and enjoyed  meeting his breed comrades — great excitement. He loved  the Fun Day at Roade, and  put up with his  Fancy Dress costumes. At Christmas he groaned at having to wear the obligatory antlers for our Christmas card and we knew he did it to please us !
Red could always be left at home when we went somewhere he couldn’t come, but was content to await our return. An altogether easy dog.
At one time he was volunteered for duty with ‘Pets as Therapy’. He passed the tests for suitability, so was able to visit local Care Homes. He loved meeting the residents and seemed to understand their situations. They, of course, loved him — he was such a charmer . He was exhausted when he came away, but apparently this was not unusual. He was always a real gentleman.
There was one time when he came home with a dead baby rabbit in his mouth. We knew he hadn’t killed it, as rabbits could walk past him with impunity. Squirrels and cats were his favourite chase. He was so chuffed and wanted to add it to his toy collection !

In 2010 we brought home a little ginger tabby whom we named Monty. Red was mesmerised with him, while Monty played fearlessly with Red. They became forever known as ‘the Gingers’. Paradoxically, Red always chased neighbouring cats ! Monty is still with us and, like all cats, has that uncanny sense of our grief. He never leaves our sides.

Last Christmas Red was honoured by being Mr. Christmas  on Lucy’s wonderful Irish Terrier calendar. The perfect choice.

 Our dear beautiful Red will be sorely missed for a very long time.
                        and he is part of our lives forever
                                    Tony and Jennifer Lamburn.

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