Newsletter June 2021








Newsletter June 2021

Dear Irish Terrier Friends,

I am so sorry to have missed the May Newsletter and sadly the reason has been one of shock and apprehension.

One of my twin sons, Jamie, was taken into a London hospital with symptoms of a heart attack in the recent past and with the great likelihood of another attack at any moment.

We were absolutely stunned. He is 59 this year and apart from a broken leg twenty years ago and the odd winter flu has never been seriously unwell in his life.

The diagnosis was appalling – a quintuple heart bypass to be done as soon as could possibly be arranged.

Jamie’s brother Julian (Boo) leapt into action, rushed up to London, and put everything into place. He is our hero.

There was a week of nightmare waiting for test results, then waiting for a bed in the heart hospital, then waiting for the surgeon and his team, and finally waiting for the slot in the operatic theatre.

I’m ashamed to say that I did not manage very well: an abysmal performance of wailing and hand wringing and leaving everything for Boo to manage.

Heart surgery today is nothing short of miraculous and everyone was so kind and incredibly reassuring. I feel humble and grateful for the love and prayers that have sustained us.

Within a week, to my amazement, Jamie arrived in Lymington to convalesce. The mother thing kicked in at once and we have been as happy as sandboys.








With the help of two ardent and attentive nurses (Miss Libbs and Maryb, of course) Jamie is making a steady recovery. It was touching to see how gentle they were when he first arrived and they have loved having him here . . . and so do I.
We’ve had, at last, some sparkling summer weather and the roses are popping out like little rockets all over the garden. I have been reminded not ever to forget that life is so precious and fragile.
And you can hear me singing, no shouting, the Hallelujah Chorus pitched far too high and I won’t mind at all if you LOL . . . meaning laugh out loud. 
   With my very kindest regards and love to the dogs  
          I will write soon with a note of good cheer      
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