Tim and Chris Behets

Dear Lucy, We would like to thank you for writing the Irish Terrier newsletter each month. It gives us a lot of pleasure reading it. We have had Irish terriers for nearly 40 years and oh what a lot of laughs we have had with their antics. The two residing with us now are Leafy (Brazen Gold Leaf) and Bramble. Leafy was a breeding girl and came to us in retirement. She is now 15 and deaf but still a game old girl and so loyal. Bramble arrived at just over a year old due to a marriage break up via the Irish Terrier rescue thanks to Susan Seabridge and Anne Bradley.

He is a tremendous character with his one ear up and everybody stops to talk to him. He is wonderful with the grandchildren and looks on them as his playmates. Both of the dogs are good travellers and every year they come with us to France for 5 months. We stop overnight en route and Bramble knows as soon as he arrives at the reception desk of the hotel which room we usually have and, with his tail up, he makes his way leading us along the corridor.

The calendar is super as always and we hope that one day our gorgeous boy may make the photo shoot. Attached are a photo of the dogs and also a photograph of the painting of Bramble which Tim organised as a surprise present for me. We met the artist by chance when he was on holiday in France and approached us to ask if he could take some photos of the dogs. It transpired that he was a commercial artist by trade but loved painting dogs and horses. His name is Kevin Dennis and his telephone numbers are 01672 521520 and 07789 010240. We hope you have had a good Christmas and we wish you all the very best for a happy and healthy New Year. Love to Liberty Belle, Tim and Chris.




Painting by Kevin Dennis


Tim and Chris Behets


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