Point of View


Read by Lucy Jackson

point of view

I dislike people who dislike dogs
Especially when they tut about clean carpets
Or worse . . . their love of books, Mankind,
Planet Earth, the Universe and, ah yes,
Life’s overriding sorrow.
They imply, of course, that I live in a burrow,
Am illiterate, barbarous and surely
Malodorous . . . simply because I love dogs.
I’m seized by a desire to tease
And thunder on about their “animal within”
And the “vital force of canine energy”.
They look anxious . . . is this
Some new gizmo they’ve missed?

point of view

I launch into the gene chains of our
Dear brother apes . . . and hyenas . . .
and . . . and . . . coelacanths
And toss around new found statistics . . .
The logistics of too many humans.
They begin to sway.
“So sorry . . . we’re just on our way
Hope we meet again . . . some day.
She’s actually quite mad,” they say!

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