Love Song


Read by Joanna Lumley

How do I love you
My little brown dog
So sweetly asleep in my hand
I love you like springtime and dew on the grass
And honey and bluebells and angels that pass
My dear little, soft little lamb

How do I love you
My wild brown pup
So wicked and wayward and bold
I love you with laughter and fury and fear
I’ve called till I’m hoarse, but still you don’t hear
Why will you not do as you’re told?

How do I love you
My clever brown dog
So much in charge of my day
I love you with wonder and awe and respect
You watch every move and you never forget
You know every step of the way

How do I love you
My wise old dog
So courageously facing the end
I love you with sadness and joy and regret
But the gleam in your eye says there’s life for us yet
My beloved, my funny old friend

How do I love you
My brown spirit dog
I still hear your foot on the stair
I’ll love you forever, you’re part of my soul
Till the sun melts the sky and the moon turns to gold
I know you will always be there.

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