Newsletter – February / March 2022

Newsletter February / March 2022

Dear Irish Terrier Friends

How many more crises are waiting in the pipeline I wonder, to fill us with alarm and dismay.
We seem to have been worried and agitated for so long, if not for one thing, then for another! But the worst has been this terrible invasion of the Ukraine, oh to be a dog and know nothing about it.

I was a child during World War II and this has triggered off every buried nightmare of starving children and the young soldiers dying and my mother’s mysterious tears at the time. And here we are again and I am inconsolable, the sense of loss and sadness has returned to haunt me. But the Ukrainians’ courage is an inspiration and perhaps will remind us of how fortunate we are.

Now enough of this and on with the dogs.







Our latest calamity was the high winds and the chaos and damage that followed them. For someone who was labelled years ago, by an older brother, as ‘mercilessly cheerful’, I was amazed at how infuriated and exhausted the winds made me feel. Nipping out to buy a paper became a major drama and why do my eyes have to act as traps for every grain of sand flying by.
– Miss Libbs and Marybell were no help at all, looking reproachful, hiding away behind the front door, refusing to put even half a nose out.

We had several hairy tussles with the hurricanes and Libbs insisted on walking under my coat and no amount of trying to heel her out could dislodge her. It was always pouring with rain and the only solution was to walk slowly with feet placed well apart, swaying from left to right with small forward shuffles – rather like a duck with sore feet, not a good look at all!

Maryb has not quite mastered the mathematics of shelter and keeping dry. She’s not quite as aware as Libby of remaining in her comfort zone and in any case, enjoys the towelling down game when we’re home at last. I do have to confess that Lymington, in spite of my complaining, has a curiously benign microclimate. The Isle of Wight seems to shelter us from the worst of the weather.

We had Daisy to stay while Derek and Richard were away. She’s such a dear girl and we all love her. She’s the boss, of course and does things her own way. She puts herself to bed (yes, on my bed) in the early evening and appears for a ‘last out’ at about midnight then quickly runs back upstairs to book her place again. She’s very like our Zuleika (Zuli) who, like Daisy needed to have time for quiet contemplation by herself – we call her ‘Mystic Meg’.

Marie, who walks them in the mornings, said Daisy was welcomed back by ‘the gang’ as if she’d never been away. There’s no sign of mystic musings when she’s out on the razzle, running in the forest. It is interesting to watch her slip back into this household without missing a beat. We are bereft when she is whisked off back home to London.

Libbs of course refuses to appear. She doesn’t approve of sad goodbyes but Marybell and I brave it out waving at the gate.

We’re very fond, as a family, of proper old fashioned tea parties. Pretty cups and table napkins – and hot buttered scones and raspberries with ice cream are what it’s about. Dogs and children are always included and we (I mean the children and I) play the piano and dance around with the dogs in attendance while the ‘grown ups’ chat.

The Manners came to tea when Derek and Richard were here and we had a very jolly tea time. WiIlie is one of our Patrons and loves Irish Terriers. Jamie was here this weekend – more joy for the girls and more spoiling!

Our ‘fair daffodils’ have appeared as if by magic all over the garden.

I enjoy the haphazard disorder of where they pop up. I counted masses in the rose pots around the front porch and the little tiny ‘Tête-à-tête’ are so pretty. I just hope they won’t offend the roses.



I shall be at Crufts for all 4 days from the 9th – 13th March and the Terrier day is Friday 11th. Discover Dogs is fun and you’ll have a great welcome from us all.

       With many greetings
             and my love to the dogs



In case you missed the amusing Valentine’s card put together by Debbie, here it is again and it comes with all our love.

See if you can spot some of the ancient veterans that live and are dearly loved in my gently chaotic house . . .

Mrs Honey, Monkeypunk, the lions, Green Ted and of course our 3 best beloveds, Libbs, Marybell and Daisy – the Three Belles. Sadly, dear Sarah was out of shot, she is our Mick on wheels and is 62 years old.


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