1.   Dear Lucy,
What a beautiful Newsletter. Loved reading it and seeing the pictures and the drawings and words on the cards.
It has been a very strange time but with sunshine to buck us all up.
Colette xx

2.  Lucy!  One of your best: great photos, family after family of Micks,  and that pigeon with gold rings round his eyes!  Law-zee as they say down south over here on this side of the pond…thank you, Mac and 🐾🐾 Oonagh

3.  Dear Lucy, I have had Irish Terriers in the past so Iknow how captivating they are . I have a dear little poochon now ,the love of my life ! Your wonderful poems and drawings in this news letter brought me to tears ,in a good way . You are so clever, thankyou. Love from The Isle of Wight .

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