Newsletter – November 2022


My very dear Irish Terrier Friends

I’m so sorry not to have written a proper letter but we have been in touch through the messages sent out by email.

Losing our beloved Queen has been painful for us all and, for someone born within her decade, I was appalled at the sadness it brought me.

There was then a cataract operation, which set things back and another tragedy when my so very dear friend Brenda, who drew the pictures for Paddy at Home and Stories of Breezy and Blarney, and was devoted to all animals, suddenly died from a fall in her garden. In the middle of it all, my darling Mr Biggles, my 17 year old canary, passed gently away which broke my heart. Primrose and Celandine have picked up the pieces and are becoming great favourites.

Please forgive me – I am managing well enough and will write you a jolly Christmas letter.

I hope the Calendar will amuse, the pictures are even more beautiful this year, and we’ve made the captions very light hearted – see if you can sing the songs! The colour is purple for the Queen.

This calendar belongs to us all, it is unique in that all the pictures are yours and it is filled with the love we all feel for our best beloveds.


The  Calendars are now available to order!

A plea from Lucy . . .
Please get your orders in as soon as possible to avoid the Christmas chaos!

Click the image for details.



My love to you all with very best wishes
and special love for the dogs



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