Ruth Turner

Just thought you might like to know that my Irish Terrier, Briar is starring in the upcoming Pets at Home TV advert due out in February. This will be her first jaunt on to the small screen. She is not a professional acting dog but like all Irish Terriers she is a character. She was just spotted at an obedience dog show by an animal acting agent. Details were exchanged at the time but I thought nothing more of it. Six months later the call came that she had been chosen to play Max in aforementioned ad. After two days of filming, Briar had won over the entire cast and crew about how wonderful Irish Terriers are; she was always enthusiastic for each take and would wait patiently when equipment needed adjustments. In comparison, the Afghan hound did one take and then lay on the floor and refused point black to get up again!

Anyway, it is thanks to Lucy that I even have an Irish Terrier as she stopped me when I was on my way to look at the wire fox terriers at Discover Dogs in 2007 and explained the benefits of the Micks.

In 2008 I found a puppy with Ann Bradley’s help by Sue Seabridge’s Sujoncla Sinte Galeshka. She turned out to love learning, not in an obsessive Border Collie sort of way but with a more creative bent. She passed all of her Kennel Club Good Citizen tests with flying colours. But as she has been at the training club the longest she does now view it as her club and she makes it her business to meet and greet new members and possibly tests their treats for them!

Anyway thank you once again, hope you like the ad, Briar is no show dog but she is my dog and I love her very much.


Ruth Turner


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