Thank you for your reply. I am currently awaiting delivery of some more books and will forward one to you once they arrive.

Hope you like the pic.

Wesley is a 2 year male and we have had him for about 18 months now.  (We needed to replace our eldest son who went to university.) He was bred by Sue Seabridge here in sunny Lincolnshire and I happened to work with her husband. We had never owned a dog before or in Wesleys case, been owned by a dog. So after his glowing references about Irish terriers and a visit to their home we were hooked. He has the most fantastic personality and I have been amazed at the amount of attention he gets when we are out. People who had previously ignored my good mornings now hurry to greet me and talk to Wesley, as though we were old friends. Total strangers stop to ask after him and friends have even purchased his cousin. I am a great outdoors person and Wes has joined me and friends on many a day long excursion into the countryside, A great companion, friend and addition to our family.



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