Lynne & Tony Leber (& Tattie!)

Thank you for the latest Newsletter.  We are so sorry to hear of Isobel’s passing, such a sad time – we know all about it………  It prompted me to look back at the 3 Irish Terriers who have ‘owned’ us over the years:

First there was Molly – daughter of Kiera Bentley’s Tatty (Breezy Star Turn) & Jumping Jack Flash.  We lost Molly to a heart condition at 11 years old.  She had been the constant companion of Amber – daughter of Lyn Fegan’s Ishky & Jumping Jack Flash.  They had been together for over nine years.  Then, as you know from previous correspondence we lost Amber nine months ago, aged 9 from an undetected tumour. Some months after losing Molly we bought a friend for Amber – Tattie – daughter of Ann Bradley’s Brilliant Mr Sirius & Philippa (Fuff) Allen’s California Cool Cat. She is now 22 months old & an absolute darling.  She only knew Amber for a few short months but I am sure she loved her dearly.

Attached is a poem – written by Amber!  It is called ‘Amber’s Story’ . This deals with the loss of a lifetime friend & the acceptance of a new puppy.  I sent it to Fuff when we first bought Tattie and she said “Send it to Lucy Jackson”!!  I don’t know whether it would be good enough to be published in the next yearbook but I thought I would send it to you anyway.

Amber’s Story

Molly was my lifelong friend, we were together every day
Until one night she went to sleep, they said “she’s passed away”
Oh boy, I’d have done anything to bring my best friend back
I was sad and lost and lonely………… I was only half a pack
My grief was all consuming, like a nasty, chilling fog
And then I heard them saying, “Shall we get another dog?”
I heard them speak of Springers, of Cairns and Airedales too
I wanted so to tell them, “Look – not any breed will do”
And then they got a ‘phone call – a litter had been born
Very early in the morning – as the night gave way to dawn
Seven Irish Terriers, each one full of fun
However would they choose her, and come home with only one?
They argued what to call her, how could they be so dumb?
You’ve got to call her Tattie –  the name of Molly’s Mum
So, Tattie came to live with us – and moved in on my patch
A feisty, frantic bundle – with an attitude to match!
She ran circles all around me, until I felt quite dizzy
She was cute & fast but goodness, did she have to be so busy!?
This puppy dog has given me such comfort, fun and joy
I’ve got another lease of life from this living, breathing toy
I’ll be there for little Tattie until the very end
She has brought me so much happiness – my precious, New Best Friend

Lynne & Tony Leber (& Tattie!)


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