I love Lucy’s books and have quite a few of them.  My favorite is .. for Irish Terriers & Other Dogs Too.  I just found your website today.

In the photo, Pippin is on the left and Mike on the right (Mike has the one ear up. Pip looks like he’s sniffing the flower.)

Mike will be nine years old in January.  He is our first IT and has been an incredible ambassador for the breed her in the upper Midwest of the US.  I did agility with him for several years; in January we hope to enter a program at a local hospital so he can become a certified therapy dog.  They have never taken any terrier into the program, but Mike impressed them with his attitude and kindness and he has been invited back for further temperament testing…. I’m very proud of him.

Pippin will be two next March.  We just brought him into our family this past July. While Mike is a few inches over the standard for the breed, Pip is 1/2 “ under the standard – which made him too small for the show ring since the dogs he would show against are actually large for the standard.  Show ring’s loss, our gain!  He is a real snuggler and a very well-behaved little gent.  He certainly fires up when he has critters and other dogs to bark at, but quite calm around the house.

My husband and I do travel frequently and take the boys with us whenever we can, so they (Mike in particular) have been all over the US impressing people with the charming qualities of an Irish Terrier.  People think Pip is a puppy next to Mike, but I tell them there are different sizes of any dog breed just like there are different sized people.  Sometimes we just call them Mike and Mini-Mike J

Thanks for your interest in my boys.  I’ve attached a few other photos.



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