Jill, Mike, Dolli and Raffy

Dear Lucy

I hope you are your family and canine family are all well.

I would very much like to share a wonderful experience that occurred this afternoon. Mike and I have been through a rather difficult time trying to move house. Things came to a head today and it resulted in me breaking down into floods of tears. As soon as Raffy realised I was very upset he rushed over to me popped his paws onto my knee and licked me profusely from my hands to my ears and then placed his head on my lap looking up at me with the most appealing and loving eyes with such a tenderness; he truly understands humans like no other dog we’ve known. As you know we have shared our lives with many Airedales over the years but this beautiful little boy has stolen both our hearts.

May he be with us forever.
With love Jill, Mike, Dolli and Raffy xx

Jill, Mike, Dolli and Raffy


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