Dermot and Flo

Just a quick hi and to share a picture or two with you.

Florrie is well although have also become somewhat deaf of late but can’t decide if it is genuine or simply when it suits her. She sleeps a little more and somewhat deeply now and sometimes it’s quite difficult to wake her. We snore now and break wind a little – nothing that I won’t do at her age!

We have an otter down at the lake which Florrie likes to check up on now along with the mink. I have to bring the lead with me now just in case she refuses to leave the Water Ski Club. Basically if there is food cooking on the BBQ madam refuses to leave. Normally when I am skiing Florrie is always to be found in the boat but now the BBQ watch takes preference!

She also has a new game – the Staring Game. Basically if you blink you give me a sausage! Flo has worked out that the women are an easier touch than me for snacks.

My sister brought me a kilo bag of biltong back from South Africa which I had been sharing with Flo on long journeys in the car. I went to get the bag it from behind the driver’s seat the other day to find an empty bag! Flo is not normally a thief but it must have been too much of a temptation for her. Whether it was eaten in one sitting I do not know but thankfully it stayed down!

Dermot and Flo


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