Morning to you both, I hope you have had a better summer than we have had in Ireland.

Florrie is her usual bouncy self and everybody who meets her can’t believe how old she is!

In May, Florrie got sunstroke on our May Bank Holiday in about the only sun we have had all summer. A big lesson for the future as she was actually in the shade for most of the day.

We have been in Dublin a lot this year which Florrie loves as it means lots of public park walks for her and many exciting ‘P mails’ to read and reply to. Apart from her usual fan base which she adds to every day, numerous photos of her have gone back to America. American tourists simply love her, with the usual cry of, “Is that a real live Irish Terrier.” I have so far resisted the reply of “No, she’s the latest in Japanese Doggy Robot technology etc.”

I have some pic’s of Florrie in the west of Ireland in a curragh which I will send on to you, very picturesque!

We have water-skied through the bad weather and Florrie has found where the mink live by the lake and has become very interested in them. Not sure what is going to happen when she actually meets one!

We have a temporary new addition to the family, a small black kitten, which I found on the road. Florrie is dealing with it very well. The kitten has taken to tormenting Florrie at every possible opportunity and baring a few warning growls. Warfare hasn’t broken out although Florrie has taken to wandering around muttering “kill kitty” under her breath. Hoping to find a home soon for the little thing.

Life, as always, is a fuller happier place with herself by my side.



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