Newsletter – February 2023

Dear Irish Terrier Friends

Thank you so much for your kind comments about the calendar. I think it has probably been one of the favourites — not because it is ‘better’ but it seemed to strike a soothing note of affection and silly jokes which we all understand — we all say only a Mick of course!

One apology! – to Glynnis who wrote a moving obituary for her lovely girl Cassie. Inexplicably her name was not mentioned, probably lost at the printers and failed to appear. Debbie and I are so sorry.

Here is the picture of Cassie “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” from the 2014 Calendar.


The calendars were a nightmare to get out dodging the postal strikes – and there were far too many lost in the post during the Christmas chaos. This very morning one was returned from South Africa and my heart sank.

We have a picture of our 2 little cover girls as they are a year on, there is a little video clip which we will upload to YouTube soon. Her grandmother Sorrel, who took the pictures said “I wanted her to wear a pretty dress – but no!” – but we of course, love her just as she is.







How quickly we forgot about the blazing hot summer with all the anxieties of watching our plants wither and sizzle away. We couldn’t have guessed that there were catastrophic rainstorms to follow. I don’t ever remember such downpours, like galloping horses on the conservatory roof which were followed by curious little bouts of bright sunshine.

Miss Libbs is positively paranoid about getting wet and had to be pushed out of the front door into the car park (the front garden) to do her morning essentials. I followed with a large black umbrella holding it above us both and hoping we wouldn’t be spotted from the front gate. Well we were, and there were a lot of laughs. MaryB is not nearly as water shy and loves splashing her way along the shoreline. She was very daunted however, by the sight of her favourite rose garden (the one that is home to her little ‘scrapes’ and where she keeps her loot. Her loot is anything portable that takes her fancy and justifies several visits a day.)

One dreadful morning, she stormed out to retrieve the tennis ball and found the bed under at least 18 inches of water. Horrors! She whimpered and pranced about at the edge trying to decide whether it was worth a plunge to investigate. Fortunately, we managed to call her in before she covered herself in black garden mud.

Incidentally, Marie who walks them regularly, has some wrap arounds which she straps on at the end of the walk. There’s something in the fabric which absorbs the water and by the time they arrive home they are warm and dry.

They’re very keen too on their wooly jumpers. Here they are in their favourite pullies. Bibby is particularly attached to hers (maroon) and will even come and ask to have it put on. She’s not one for being interfered with. Even putting on her collar is regarded as an affront but she does love to keep warm.







I was in London for a few days, Libbs and Marybel stayed with their great friend Jack the Lab. Marybel, who seemed to think of him as an expert in rugby tackles and rough games, has become, quite suddenly, almost as amorous as Libbs as you can see from the pics.




Libbs does not feel her games and expertise are under threat — not in the least, “the more the merrier” she cries and the spring puppies are arriving.
Here are 2 little beauties . . .
















With kindest wishes and special love to the dogs and oh yes, I am much better and thank you for your concern.




Do remember Crufts is the 9th – 12th March at the NEC in Birmingham – I shall be there for Thursday and Friday – Friday is Terrier Day. Click HERE for more details.

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