January/February 2021 Newsletter

Dear Irish Terrier Friends,

Christmas seems to have been life time ago. I sometimes wonder whether if happened at all! And then I remember the of walks up the high street when lights came on. Libbs and Maryb leading the way thrilled to see the few people around. We’d walk passed the War Memorial and examined our poppies wreathes laid there in November for  all the animals that served with the Forces and separate  one for Irish terriers.

Still intact but always socking wet, they still bring a tear. Further up the high street we’d end up sitting in the silent empty church. In the  front row — for me to say my prayers. I prayed for peace and joy with Marybell reminding me’ I’m a chair person you know– why must I  sit on the floor? answer — ” sit still and stay where you are!”

Without any music we could have lapsed into melancholy but some ‘Saint’ had set up bunches of holy and 5 tall Christmas trees covered in sparkling lights which cheered the heart.

Several time other people came in which was an excuse for a shout out from as you know who! But when the intruders  came over to talk to us the girls put on  their  party manners and were declared ‘gorgeous’ at once!
Jamie came down from London stay for the week and Libbs was ecstatic. Mb and I were left  in no doubt of who was the  favourite. Jamie is excellent company  and always makes me laugh. His answer when I remarked that he might be fined for coming out of London was’ I have a card in my pocket which says’ “I am blind and my  old mother is demented, so the world is our oyster!”— shrieks of laughter. But he is fact entitled! Thank you so much for  the kind praise for the calendar. The intention was to make it gently amusing and full of comfort.

The pictures have always amazed me and this year seemed more beautiful then ever. We will use them through the year and of course they are all in the gallery.

There have been a lots of requests for the newsletter but I have been so busy getting the calendars out ‘packed and posted’. There has not been a moment . Raima who works the ‘machine’ for me has been coming twice or even 3 times a week which is a huge help. But the post has been very difficult this year — long queues of impatient people and I felt I was such  nuisance. Never mind it is a labour of love! Life in lockdown is not a great problem in Lymington. The girls love they morning walks with Marie and I take them  along the sea wall and on to the marshes. They talk to everyone and know most of the dogs we meet.

Libby does her pole dancing routine whenever she spots a ‘fella’ and Marybell talks to the babys and runs with the puppies. I am sad to say that many Lymington residents are begining to protest at the huge numbers of day visiters on the sea  wall. It is difficult but the coast line, in particularly, belongs to us all!

We have had some beautiful days – dramatic skys with the sea as calm as a mill pond. I imagine there are not as many geese this year — fewer mighty flights sweeping the sky over our heads. I love the creacking sounds they make calling to one another.

Loz Ann McCarthy who set the poem ‘The Ghost dogs’ to music for the website has sent me her latest book. She writes beautifully about the magical world she sees around her. Some  of her short poems are exquisite and we will put them for you read! She loves animals and calls them ‘my blessed, dearest furry friends’. Marvellous for beating the lockdown blues!

No to make you laugh  — I tidied myself up to go off for my Covid jab — not my best suit, but a suit and I began to get a feel of a party. Everyone at the pharmacy in Christchurch was so kind and welcoming I was quite swept away and started laughing and chatting. After the jab I had to wait for 20 minutes sitting in the chair and the noise and laughter grew louder. I was having a lovely time until to  my dismay, far too soon, I was asked politely whether I needed an escort to the door! Oh dear ! — Perhaps I am an Irish terrier after all!

With best wishes for our health and happiness

and my love to all —- especially the dogs !


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