Xanwil Jubilee Prince Flynn

Flynn was born May 3rd 2013, the year of the Jubilee hence his name Xanwil Jubilee Prince Flynn, he was the only boy in his litter with 6 sister too keep him company. He looked like a little seal on arrival but soon grew into a handsome red devil, with an outstanding character too fit. His breeders were Brian & Mandy Atwell from Cheadle in Cheshire. They are wonderful people with a heartfelt love for the breed which shines through in Flynn’s beautiful manner and temperament.

Flynn has many many funny little ways which keeps us amused on a daily basis, he has a big love of his pilchards in tomato sauce that he has for his tea, along with a soft spot for a cup of tea after his morning walk, which takes part in my sons paper round, come rain or shine he hates to miss out ..!!

As for Mr Flynn as he is known daily, he is the most loving, cute, affectionate and family dog we could wish for. He hates being left out, and enjoys his big cuddles and kisses, and snuggling up in front of our log burner.

Because we have fell in love with the breed, we are now waiting for out next arrival which should be here sometime between the mid too end of august this year. Brian and Mandy are breeding Flynn’s sister Anya, so he will taking on the role of uncle too hopefully his niece Ruby if nature allows. And our home will become full of Irish mischief yet again ..!!!

I hope you have enjoyed hearing a bit about out little red devil and you enjoy the pictures I have attached. He has certainly captured our hearts completely, as will Ruby when she arrives.

Love and best Amber, Ian & Flynn xxxx

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