Torin + New clips on video page!

Hi Lucy, 

Firstly I just wanted to thank you for the quick delivery of my calendar,  I love it and when I went into the gallery to have a look at some pictures I was over the moon to see my Torin there (couldn’t have wished for a better dog), he is 2 and a half now and continues to be the craziest , naughtiest but also a very loving and loyal boy, I have attached some new pictures for you and I hope you enjoy, last year was quite eventful for us, he saw his first snow, we went to Aviemore for a holiday where he had great fun chasing rabbits and we also took a break in Yorkshire where we had an Irish Terrier meet with around 20 or more humans and their red heads, this was organised through a Facebook group I am in called The Irish Terrier Friend Page, it was an amazing weekend and one il remember for years to come, we all walked around Grimsworth reservoir and then went for lunch, lots of new friends were made and we are hoping to do it again in a different location in the future, I hope you like my pictures and thank you again for the calendar,  Irish terriers really are a most amazing breed and I hope to have lots of new adventures this year and many more years to come with my boy.


Carron Easton x

Torin 1 Torin 2

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  1. Marysa Norris

    How lovely to hear news of Torin.
    My lovely Erin is Torin’s litter sister and obviously shares his naughty but utterly loveable nature. Approaching 3 years old now she still behaves like a wilful puppy on occasion, ignoring all calls to come if a rabbit has been spotted. Full of fun, but quiet and affectionate in the house and friends with everyone she meets, dogs excepted, I can’t imagine life without her.

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