3 thoughts on “Irish Terriers and the Great War

  1. Brigid Nolan

    Thank you for this. My daughter had to do a school project on a member of the family who was involved in WW1. Along with research into a great Uncle, she added an extra chapter on the end about the Irish Terrier as we have “Shay” a 13 month IT in our family these days and she wanted to tell the story of his relatives in the war too.
    Shay has proved to be a wonderful family dog and while full of energy and bounce on walks, there is nothing to suggest bad temper or aggression towards other dogs. The daredevil name has clearly been misinterpreted.

  2. Jackie Bales Dougherty

    Oh my gosh, I just came across your incredible video, and was wanting to share it on Facebook. Is that okay with you?? We have an Irish Terrier, Kirby, and while he is 13 years old now, he is still full of spunk and bounce, with a joyful spirit. People we meet can’t believe he’s as old as he is. In his whole life he’s only met a couple of dogs he didn’t like, and he’s never met a human he didn’t want to be friends with. I totally get why they wouldn’t make good message deliverers–that part just cracks me up!! Thanks so much for posting this!

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