A Dog Out Looking For His Day

Do listen to the lovely song ‘A Dog Out Looking For His Day’ composed and sung by highly acclaimed folk singer and musician Charlie Dore with pictures of their beloved Woody. It is a touching tribute both to him and our wonderful breed.

The photos were taken by Tom Climpson.

A Dog Out Looking For His Day
by Charlie Dore

He’s immortal
‘Cause he can be
No contingent, there’s no Plan B
He’s a dog out looking for his day
Got no diary
There’s no schedule
Sideways running in his bed you’ll know
He’s only looking for his day

And he forgives me everything
Each careless human slight
The shortest walk
The longest hours of waiting

Out too late
When I come home
The reassuring metronome of tail on floor
Be sure he knows I’m guilty
Dark eyes, melting hot molasses
Author of those noxious gasses
He’s a dog
Out looking for his day

And I forgive him everything
Each muddy headlong rush
His wilful disregard for things of beauty
And sometimes we will disagree
On what is edible or rotten
But canine logic will prevail
And details they are soon forgotten

What does he care for infinity
One day I’ll call
He won’t come to me
But he’ll be out there looking
He’ll be out there looking
He’ll be out there
Looking for his day

©Black Ink Music

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