Friends Letters

We are often sent letters by our fiends around the world. Here are some of them. Click on the photographs of Irish Terriers that were included for larger versions.

Dear Lucy
We always enjoy reading your newsletters.  Sorry to hear you have been so unwell and wish you a speedy recovery.
We live on the East Coast –  Harwich.  Our two year old Irish Terrier Rory enjoys daily morning runs on the beach before I leave for work, with companionship throughout the day with my husband.  Today for him was different.  We awoke to barking as he stood glaring out of our bay window at the snow which was all so new to him. With a
gentle ‘nudge’ of encouragement out of the back door, as he looked questioning at the change to this new world.  Soon he was rushing around with snow flakes clinging to his beard and legs! As his confidence built and we made our way onto the beach this was the start of another new venture for him. With the deepest snow we have experienced on the beach in nearly 20 years, being lapped by the incoming tide, this was truly a magical experience for all to enjoy. With moored boats and ropes to avoid, with unknown hidden items beneath each step, the familiar beach was blanketed in mystery, and isolation as we cautiously took each stride.
By the evening Rory had totally embraced his new world, and it was me who was anxious not to slip over on the ice as we embarked on our evening routine, trying to shelter from cold winds and avoid breaking waves along the promenade.
As the cold weather continues the challenges of walking outside and driving as we go about our daily lives sees the magic that snow brings dwindle to the harsh reality that the icy cold and challenging demanding weather brings to all.
I hope you will soon be feeling back to your former self with Libbs and Marybel by your side. With the fun and challenges of our well loved companions,  and the true pleasure they bring, I am sure this will soon be the case.
Although frustrating it can be when unwell, it gives us time to stop and enjoy so many things we often miss in our busy lives, such as the magic of the snow.
Wishing you well, we look forward to reading your next newsletter in due course.
Best wishes
Elizabeth & Rory

Dear Lucy,

Alice is doing really well since I worked out that she can’t eat starch but now that she’s feeling better I’m afraid she is becoming naughtier.

I forgive her because she is very creative and expresses this through conceptual art. She makes interesting arrangements of objects that she has collected.

These artworks could be inside or outside; whatever inspires her. Attached is one of her earlier pieces.

I’d love to bring her to your place to visit and play by the sea with Marybel and Libby and to see you too, perhaps late March-April when it’s our birthday time.

I’ll keep trying to get you on the phone. Be well and hope to see you soon… Much love Lisa and Alice XXX

PS The second pic is Alice today. her snow sculptures have been very minimalist!

Dear Lucy,
I send you a summer picture from 2011.
It is on the beach in the South of Spain.
Two big friends enjoy the view of the sea.
My Irish Terrier, Chess and my little Mediterranean Seagull Bfebp
Many characteristics are described for the Irish Terrier,but there is one trait that was special for Chess.
He loved to contemplate into the distance,
It could be the far distance into beautiful landscape orit could be the far distance over the sea surface.
You could feel his peace and his joy.
Precious moments of feeling united with him.
 It would happen more often in the evenings.

A letter from Jill Lockwood
Dear Lucy,
I do hope this email finds you and your family and four legged friends well. I would like to share a wonderful moment with you yet again!   A dear friend, whose family have lived with several Irish terriers over many years and in fact suggested we gave a thought to sharing our lives with one of our own, is sadly reaching the end of his life.  I sat quietly on my own, reflecting and crying silently for him and his family, when Raffy wandered over and gently licked away my tears which of course started the whole process once again! It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful and sensitive his soul is.  I am sure he knows what I’m thinking before I do!  His tongue must have been rather sore when eventually I stopped then he stopped and we had a hug.  He is the most precious little boy we have ever encountered and I do hope you understand why I wanted to write to you to show you how I feel.
With many best wishes for Easter and love from us all.
Jill Lockwood x

Dear Lucy,
I do hope this email finds you and your family and four legged friends well. I would like to share a wonderful moment with you yet again!   A dear friend, whose family have lived with several Irish terriers over many years and in fact suggested we gave a thought to sharing our lives with one of our own, is sadly reaching the end of his life.  I sat quietly on my own, reflecting and crying silently for him and his family, when Raffy wandered over and gently licked away my tears which of course started the whole process once again! It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful and sensitive his soul is.  I am sure he knows what I’m thinking before I do!  His tongue must have been rather sore when eventually I stopped then he stopped and we had a hug.  He is the most precious little boy we have ever encountered and I do hope you understand why I wanted to write to you to show you how I feel.
With many best wishes for Easter and love from us all.
Jill Lockwood x

Jill Lockwood

Dear Lucy

I hope you are your family and canine family are all well.

I would very much like to share a wonderful experience that occurred this afternoon. Mike and I have been through a rather difficult time trying to move house. Things came to a head today and it resulted in me breaking down into floods of tears. As soon as Raffy realised I was very upset he rushed over to me popped his paws onto my knee and licked me profusely from my hands to my ears and then placed his head on my lap looking up at me with the most appealing and loving eyes with such a tenderness; he truly understands humans like no other dog we’ve known. As you know we have shared our lives with many Airedales over the years but this beautiful little boy has stolen both our hearts.

May he be with us forever.
With love Jill, Mike, Dolli and Raffy xx

Jill, Mike, Dolli and Raffy

Dear Lucy,

I just wanted to write to say how absolutely splendid yesterday’s service at the Animal War Memorial was – I know it is a very serious subject, but I haven’t had so much fun in ages!  All those gorgeous Irish Terriers and so lovely to meet you properly.  I do think Liberty Belle is divine and reminded us so much of our Maisie when she was younger.  Gorgeous!  The only down side to yesterday was seeing how much of an old rather ill lady Maisie is now, compared to all those divine bouncing people.  But weren’t they all so good, considering we were in the middle of Park Lane with so much traffic noise etc. – amazing!  Not to mention the darling horses as well.
And how wonderfully Derek Jacobi read – all the readings were lovely, but when he spoke your beautiful poem I think they could probably hear him in Knightsbridge!  And Jenny Seagrove’s reading was heart breaking, it’s so difficult hearing about the horses in World War 1.
So a REALLY appreciative thank you for your organisation and for getting the Irish Terrier up on the monument!
All our very best and with much love to Libby as well –
Elizabeth and James Cane xx

Elizabeth and James Cane

Dear Lucy, We would like to thank you for writing the Irish Terrier newsletter each month. It gives us a lot of pleasure reading it. We have had Irish terriers for nearly 40 years and oh what a lot of laughs we have had with their antics. The two residing with us now are Leafy (Brazen Gold Leaf) and Bramble. Leafy was a breeding girl and came to us in retirement. She is now 15 and deaf but still a game old girl and so loyal. Bramble arrived at just over a year old due to a marriage break up via the Irish Terrier rescue thanks to Susan Seabridge and Anne Bradley.

He is a tremendous character with his one ear up and everybody stops to talk to him. He is wonderful with the grandchildren and looks on them as his playmates. Both of the dogs are good travellers and every year they come with us to France for 5 months. We stop overnight en route and Bramble knows as soon as he arrives at the reception desk of the hotel which room we usually have and, with his tail up, he makes his way leading us along the corridor.

The calendar is super as always and we hope that one day our gorgeous boy may make the photo shoot. Attached are a photo of the dogs and also a photograph of the painting of Bramble which Tim organised as a surprise present for me. We met the artist by chance when he was on holiday in France and approached us to ask if he could take some photos of the dogs. It transpired that he was a commercial artist by trade but loved painting dogs and horses. His name is Kevin Dennis and his telephone numbers are 01672 521520 and 07789 010240. We hope you have had a good Christmas and we wish you all the very best for a happy and healthy New Year. Love to Liberty Belle, Tim and Chris.




Painting by Kevin Dennis


Tim and Chris Behets

Dear Lucy, I am enjoying your news letters, and I love the photo of Libby, and of course your video. Cassie turned 11 on 30th October, and she is still keeping well, even though she has several non cancerous fatty lumps and skin tags which are age related. We all seem to acquire these “barnacles” as we become older.

My other dog, Jessie, the Labrador curly coated retriever without curls, is 6 weeks older than Cassie, and she is doing ok too. We can’t do without our dogs, can we? We still have a few koalas in our area, but not as many as we had when we first bought our acreage 31 years ago. Anyway, even though bad things are happening in the world, we still have our dogs.

Have a very happy Christmas and a healthy and safe New Year. Keep up all your good work, and pats and cuddles for Libby. Kind regards, Cassie and Glynnis




Cassie and Glynnis

Hi Lucy

Here are a few pics of the pup and HRH Jamie! We’re all delighted with her and she’s making friends all the time. More to follow – we promise!

Love from everyone here






Ian Carpenter

Dear Lucy

Well it’s four months since the accident and Nell seems to be fine. Sleeps more I think, but of course it’s dark and it’s winter, and I’m not out in the garden so much.
Unfortunately, Tony has had a knee replacement and cannot take her out of course for a while. She has to put up with ‘little ole me’ and I can’t throw anything far enough!


We have been a little apprehensive now of things happening around us on walks, but she is generally relaxed when out. She’s a little bit ‘SO I’m missing a leg’ ?! When dogs become interested in her. Typical Irish. I love her. I sent you some photos with her trophy sticks which she has to go in and find in the woods. Her fur has grown really well and lots of people just don’t notice what’s happened at all.

Such relief! What year!!

Do hope you are keeping well. Best wishes,


Nell smiling again



Nell with one of her ‘Trophy sticks’



News of Nell from Angela

Have you ever come across a Black and Tan/red Irish terrier? I don’t mean black guard hairs, but true black with reddish/tan undercoat?  

I have had many litters but have never encountered this.  The picture does not show the red in her coat.  I call her Livvy for the olive ribbon at birth.  I can one million percent guarantee she is full Irish Terrier as my bitches have zero chance of coming into contact with another dog and I only have one male Irish at home. 




Jessica in Washington state 

Black and Red - Jessica

Dear Lucy

I felt i just had to let you know what happened a few weeks ago. Nell had to have her right back leg amputated. She was ‘spooked’ by some boys with fishing nets whilst out for a walk with Tony and decided to head for home! She was hit by a car just a road away from home, and after five men lifted the car off her, she ran the rest of the way, to arrive at the front door as i was coming out to find her in the car. (Tony had phoned me, thank goodness for mobiles!).

Her leg was shattered and there was no option. Awful, awful time for us all. However everything else seems to be fine and she is scooting around quite well. She has barked at the postman, and wags her tail to everyone as usual. She is still with us! It happened before her ‘Diva’ month ran out on the calendar, and at the moment she is unable to work out how to sit in her chair. So sad.

I hope you enjoyed your holiday,

Best Wishes,


Angela with regards to Nell's accident

Dear Lucy,

Thank you for another brilliant newsletter- I do so enjoy your musings- think they are good for the soul!

Keep them coming – your spirit is a delight and your writing brilliant!

Picture of Frida below enjoying the finer things in life!

Can’t believe she will be one on the 1st August- how time flies when you’re having fun!

Best wishes to you and Liberty Belle,

Laura, James & Frida x



Laura, James & Frida

Hello Lucy.

I have been writing prolifically on the working Irish Terrier and there has been tremendous response to this.

I included a chapter on the terriers of Ireland in my book Ratting with Terriers which of course included a lot regarding my own Red Meg.

I have been asked to run a display for the breed at the big Game fair @Stoneleigh in 22 to 24 July and wondered if you would be interested in being involved with this too? It would be great to see you and tell you about what I would like to do to create the Irish Hunting Terrier.

Meg Is a lovely dog and a joy to own and work.

Use any of my pics Lucy just credit me and Megan.

Hope you like these pics I have attached too and I hope to hear from you soon.

Take care, John.

FB_IMG_1463179368605 FB_IMG_1463042382379 FB_IMG_1463041487185


Photos of Penny sent in by Mrs Julie Ashurst.

Penny SCAN0077 SCAN0076 SCAN0075 SCAN0074


Dear Mrs Jackson

Thank you so much for having Tetley and I on your Irish Terrier stand at Crufts. I thought the stand was better than any of the others, the photos were lovely, I could have looked at them all day.

Tetley and I would be very happy to help again next year if needed.


Yours sincerely


Tizza Elizabeth Plumb

Dear Lucy

Thanks so much for your kind offer and I look forward to reading about Jock.  My fourteen and a half years friendship with my wonderful Irish Terrier Blue is a very happy memory for me. Now I’m a ‘Mick’ Tragic who stops the car whenever I pass someone walking an Irish Terrier so I can leap out and accost the owner and the red-headed star.  Blue and I together were a team and I met many of my current friends from the days when I’d walk him around the neighbourhood and in the local park. 
He was absolutely true to type: fearless, affectionate and with the ability to make people laugh.


Best regards and thanks again



Dear Lucy,

It was so kind and thoughtful of you to send us the lovely calendar and the wonderfully illustrated book. We have already shared them with Patricia at the kennel that takes care of all of Annye’s grooming needs. Patricia’s  brother, Scot Sommers, who owns the kennel,  lead us to Annye’s breeder, Dan Sackos. Scot had shown Annye’s grandmother for Dan and won the big prize for IT’s at the Westminster dog show in 2009.
Annye’s mum was also a champion, but Princess Annye is relegated to living life as a commoner. We were still so upset about the loss of our beloved Keely  that we flew all the way from Houston, TX to Vancouver, WA to fetch Annye and brought her back in first class with us rather than chancing having her shipped. The beginning of a spoiled childhood! However, she was the only pup in the litter and had learned very little about “sharing” so it was very easy for her to become terribly spoiled. She has become our loving Irish girl and we refuse to share her with the “show” world.
Bev and I look forward to our continued correspondence and love the monthly news letter. It is so engaging that we feel transported to jolly England to accompany you on your adventures. The trials and tribulations of Irish Terriers makes such wonderful stuff. Have a wonderful day and thank you.


Dear Lucy,

I so enjoy your monthly letters and the adventures of Liberty Belle. You are so correct, Irish Terriers are like children, part of a large family with definite traits, but each one possessing their own destiny and personality.

I have enclosed a picture of our sweet Annye. She is the love of our life and certainly knows it. Not that she is spolied; she just knows she is the queen of our realm. Keely girl was our first Irish girl and set the standard for Annye, even though Annye needs no standard! It is fun to compare the similarities and differences in the two Irish lasses.


I still get tears in my eyes whenever I think about our Keely dog and her early, unexpected, sad passing. Her picture sits on my desk and her ashes are in a place of honour but, because of my searching during my mourning, I found your site and shared the knowledge that others feel as emotionally bound to the Irish Terrier as we do, without the embarrassment of feeling peculiar.

Annye has become so special to us, not a replacement or substitute, but a character unto her own who is an inseparable part of our lives. I am sure you are aware of the Irish Terrier trait of stealing things just to be cute and annoying.

Annye has taken her trait to a new level and has turned it into a business. Instead of running around with the TV control or dish towel so you can chase her, she has decided that it is much more advantageous for her to bring it to you and trade it for a treat. Bev gets so annoyed sometimes she just ignores her. Not to be outsmarted Annye retreats to her rug with the item and waits until Bev reaches her senses and pays the toll.

There are not many Micks in Houston or Texas, So when we walk, Annye is always the star of the show. Everybody loves Annye and she knows it and plays to the crowd. She has several good doggie friends in the neighbourhood, but is not keen on making new doggie friends on our walk and can be quite rude, but she has never met a human she doesnt like.

We feel a strong bond to the ’empire’ and wish there were more Irish Terriers here in the US. We look forward to more adventures from you and sharing the love of the Irish.

Your friend,

Bob Rowatt

Bob Rowatt from Spring, Texas
Raffy at 4 months old

Dear Lucy,
I hope you are your family are well.

I just wanted you to share an extraordinary experience Mike, my husband, had with our beloved 2 year old Raffy whilst he was watching a programme dedicated to the men and women who lost their lives during the First & Second World Wars and the recent conflicts.

At one stage Mike was feeling very emotional during an interview with grieving relatives and in fact he shed a few tears.  Raffy was by his side in a flash and immediately broke into a series of pirouettes and mad dashes from one end of the house to the other leaping skywards with a reluctant rope toy!  Obviously his intention was to make Mike happy once more.  He achieved his goal! There was much laughter and Mike’s words were “He’s such a very special dog; highly sensitive and somehow able to look into one’s soul” It is such a privilege to know and love him”.

We have known and loved Airedales for the past 35 years but never before have we felt this way.

Best wishes and may these very special dogs continue to bring joy and love to their keepers.

Jill Lockwood xx


ANIMALS OF WW1 by Helen Long

They died there in their millions,
And didn’t have a choice,
The horses and the donkeys,
Who never had a voice.

They served in dumb obedience,
Among the soldiers’ hell;
Their beauty torn and mangled,
They suffered and they fell.

Then dogs who were so loyal,
And helped to cheer the lads,
Where there was such companionship,
The trenches weren’t so bad.

The ‘Micks’ who carried messages,
And kept the rats at bay—
Their great heroic deeds should still
Be recognised today…

…These feisty Irish Terriers,
Who played so big a part,
As well as serving King and country,
Also warmed the heart!

The pigeons and their vital role
Should be remembered too:
Conveying crucial information,
Faithfully they flew…

Now all have recognition,
And justice has been done—
It’s fitting that their nation should
Remember every one!

ANIMALS OF WW1 by Helen Long

I am also very pleased to see “dogs from my home” (Hungary) appear in an English website.

Vera Deak

Thank you so much for writing a book about the Irish Terrier. There are no books in Dutch about my favourite dog but your book was perfect for me. It has given me lots and lots of great information. My Irish terrier Diesel will be two years old next weekend. I just adore him. He is a real Irish Terrier and very very naughty. He makes me laugh but also is my best friend in troubled times. He’s a friend for life! I can send you pictures if you like.

Annemarie Dales

Morning to you both, I hope you have had a better summer than we have had in Ireland.

Florrie is her usual bouncy self and everybody who meets her can’t believe how old she is!

In May, Florrie got sunstroke on our May Bank Holiday in about the only sun we have had all summer. A big lesson for the future as she was actually in the shade for most of the day.

We have been in Dublin a lot this year which Florrie loves as it means lots of public park walks for her and many exciting ‘P mails’ to read and reply to. Apart from her usual fan base which she adds to every day, numerous photos of her have gone back to America. American tourists simply love her, with the usual cry of, “Is that a real live Irish Terrier.” I have so far resisted the reply of “No, she’s the latest in Japanese Doggy Robot technology etc.”

I have some pic’s of Florrie in the west of Ireland in a curragh which I will send on to you, very picturesque!

We have water-skied through the bad weather and Florrie has found where the mink live by the lake and has become very interested in them. Not sure what is going to happen when she actually meets one!

We have a temporary new addition to the family, a small black kitten, which I found on the road. Florrie is dealing with it very well. The kitten has taken to tormenting Florrie at every possible opportunity and baring a few warning growls. Warfare hasn’t broken out although Florrie has taken to wandering around muttering “kill kitty” under her breath. Hoping to find a home soon for the little thing.

Life, as always, is a fuller happier place with herself by my side.


Hi Lucy, my “Mick” is 14 months old name Murphy, I live in NZ in a semi rural location, Murphy is a natural hunter and excels at it, I return home and the mayhem he may cause up the forest is matched by the gentle nature he shows with my two kids around the house. I love him he is my dog and my mate and not only acts on command words but reads your expression no words needed, they are a brilliant breed, like you I get stopped all the time “wow what a great dog” I beam with pride, like Murphy as I am Irish too.

Mike Nugent

You gave us such encouragement about our Irish Terrier Dooley and he’s grown up so quickly. We’ve survived his puppyhood and now have an amazing, wonderful, naughty loving, bright, gorgeous ‘lad’ who seduces all (adults and children) who meet him.
With love and thanks for all your words and wisdom.

John Heap

I love Lucy’s books and have quite a few of them.  My favorite is .. for Irish Terriers & Other Dogs Too.  I just found your website today.

In the photo, Pippin is on the left and Mike on the right (Mike has the one ear up. Pip looks like he’s sniffing the flower.)

Mike will be nine years old in January.  He is our first IT and has been an incredible ambassador for the breed her in the upper Midwest of the US.  I did agility with him for several years; in January we hope to enter a program at a local hospital so he can become a certified therapy dog.  They have never taken any terrier into the program, but Mike impressed them with his attitude and kindness and he has been invited back for further temperament testing…. I’m very proud of him.

Pippin will be two next March.  We just brought him into our family this past July. While Mike is a few inches over the standard for the breed, Pip is 1/2 “ under the standard – which made him too small for the show ring since the dogs he would show against are actually large for the standard.  Show ring’s loss, our gain!  He is a real snuggler and a very well-behaved little gent.  He certainly fires up when he has critters and other dogs to bark at, but quite calm around the house.

My husband and I do travel frequently and take the boys with us whenever we can, so they (Mike in particular) have been all over the US impressing people with the charming qualities of an Irish Terrier.  People think Pip is a puppy next to Mike, but I tell them there are different sizes of any dog breed just like there are different sized people.  Sometimes we just call them Mike and Mini-Mike J

Thanks for your interest in my boys.  I’ve attached a few other photos.


Florrie is in great form. About three months again she was unable to get out of bed and I thought her time was up but the vet changed her heart pills to Fortekor from VetMed and also put her on Frusemide as well. Initially there was a bit of coughing but she has gone from strength to strength although is quite happy to sleep if we are not up to much. I went to a 50th birthday party on Friday night and left Florrie in the car as there were just too many people there. Needless to say madam had other thoughts and barked solidly until I brought her in at midnight! She has developed a snore which almost equals mine.

She will be 14 this year and is finding it a little hard to jump up onto the bed so I got a stool which is about a metre by a metre to make it easier for her to get up. However Florrie has now decided that at our age that we should have separate beds and the stool has become her bed. She pops up for a chat when we go to bed and then retires to her stool. I bought a child’s duvet for it which she loves.

I must tell you a story which happened before my accident. We were out on Inish Bofin, an island off the west coast of Connemara . I was walking her along the road one afternoon in the east village where we stay. Picture a row of 20 to 30 cottages fronting out onto a natural horseshoe harbour when she suddenly disappeared. I thought she had slipped in between one of the cottages but I searched high and low which much calling and whistling and no sign of her. In the end decided to start at one end of the village and work my way back knocking on doors asking people to keep an eye out for her. When I got to roughly where she disappeared I knocked on a door which was opened by a holiday maker. Behind her sitting in an armchair was Florrie. It turned out the lady had opened the front door to flick a cigarette butt out the door and Florrie had shot in and jumped into an armchair! Anyway surrounding Florrie were half a dozen kids and a few more mothers all tempting Florrie with everything from cocktail sausages to cream scones. Panic over but knowing my dog only too well now came the job of getting her out of there. In my sweetest voice I tried to coax her out but Florrie had other ideas – sensible dog that she is, and looked at me as if to say ‘Dad, you can come and collect me in an hour or so when I’ve had my fill. To cut a long story short Madam had to be rather unceremoniously dragged out by her collar which was highly embarrassing. I can only wonder what the people had to say about how cruel an owner I was after the door shut. Meanwhile I led an Irish Terrier home which looked more like a hyena after a buffalo kill with a very extended stomach.
It’s a sunny day here and Florrie is stretched out on the balcony in the sun outside the office no doubt dreaming of holiday makers and cocktail sausages!

Dear Dermot,

Thank you so much for your email. We love your letters and will put it up on the letters page.

Getting on the right side of friends when you’ve done a disappearing trick has happened twice to me. Once with Princess Beega, who disappeared on Hampstead Heath behind a crocodile of school children, and was found an hour later taking tea with a very concerned lady who lived on the edge of The Heath. This was ten years ago and I still hear regularly from her. Her letters are full of greetings to ‘her lovely Irish Terrier’. Hattie, one from a previous generation of family dogs, disappeared from the Salt Marshes in Lymington and was found sitting by someone’s fire eating buttered toast and completely terrorising their old Labradors who were hiding behind the front door.

We can’t believe we’ve never met Florrie but we all love her anyway.

Many greetings, love to Florrie,

Lucy and Jane


I always love reading the newsletter and the articles about our beloved Irish Terriers that I had to share this little tale with you. Picture the scene, Friday evening, the end of a long week at work, a large glass of Baileys with plenty of ice foolishly left beside you on the floor… enter one very cheeky Irish terrier named Rosie who, before my very eyes carefully lifts the glass and carries it away to her favourite hidey hole under the dining room table and begins to drink….!!!!

The glass was intact and not a drop of Baileys spilt. I couldn’t quite believe my eyes. She was so very pleased with herself!!

Caroline Russell

Caroline Russell

Thank you for the latest Newsletter.  We are so sorry to hear of Isobel’s passing, such a sad time – we know all about it………  It prompted me to look back at the 3 Irish Terriers who have ‘owned’ us over the years:

First there was Molly – daughter of Kiera Bentley’s Tatty (Breezy Star Turn) & Jumping Jack Flash.  We lost Molly to a heart condition at 11 years old.  She had been the constant companion of Amber – daughter of Lyn Fegan’s Ishky & Jumping Jack Flash.  They had been together for over nine years.  Then, as you know from previous correspondence we lost Amber nine months ago, aged 9 from an undetected tumour. Some months after losing Molly we bought a friend for Amber – Tattie – daughter of Ann Bradley’s Brilliant Mr Sirius & Philippa (Fuff) Allen’s California Cool Cat. She is now 22 months old & an absolute darling.  She only knew Amber for a few short months but I am sure she loved her dearly.

Attached is a poem – written by Amber!  It is called ‘Amber’s Story’ . This deals with the loss of a lifetime friend & the acceptance of a new puppy.  I sent it to Fuff when we first bought Tattie and she said “Send it to Lucy Jackson”!!  I don’t know whether it would be good enough to be published in the next yearbook but I thought I would send it to you anyway.

Amber’s Story

Molly was my lifelong friend, we were together every day
Until one night she went to sleep, they said “she’s passed away”
Oh boy, I’d have done anything to bring my best friend back
I was sad and lost and lonely………… I was only half a pack
My grief was all consuming, like a nasty, chilling fog
And then I heard them saying, “Shall we get another dog?”
I heard them speak of Springers, of Cairns and Airedales too
I wanted so to tell them, “Look – not any breed will do”
And then they got a ‘phone call – a litter had been born
Very early in the morning – as the night gave way to dawn
Seven Irish Terriers, each one full of fun
However would they choose her, and come home with only one?
They argued what to call her, how could they be so dumb?
You’ve got to call her Tattie –  the name of Molly’s Mum
So, Tattie came to live with us – and moved in on my patch
A feisty, frantic bundle – with an attitude to match!
She ran circles all around me, until I felt quite dizzy
She was cute & fast but goodness, did she have to be so busy!?
This puppy dog has given me such comfort, fun and joy
I’ve got another lease of life from this living, breathing toy
I’ll be there for little Tattie until the very end
She has brought me so much happiness – my precious, New Best Friend

Lynne & Tony Leber (& Tattie!)

Oh I do adore getting your news letter-how I manage to laugh and cry in 3 minutes I do not know!

I will try so hard to get to Discover Dogs – but it is always a problem getting dog and horse sitters!

Sybil and Whistle are constant source of amusement-apart from this eve when they chased a deer and came back 20 minutes later tails wagging…!! I could kill them sometimes!!

All 21 puppies that I (Whistle or Sybil) have produced are worshipped and adored-I of course, keep in touch with them all!! But don’t think we will do it again.


Thank you for our wonderful books. I took them to school and shared them on sharing day. My friends thought they were exerlant!

We have chosen our puppy. We have called him Toby Vallentine and Toby for short. He will come home in 2 weeks and 3 days. I hope you see him one day. Mummy will send you some photo’s of him.



Thank you for your reply. I am currently awaiting delivery of some more books and will forward one to you once they arrive.

Hope you like the pic.

Wesley is a 2 year male and we have had him for about 18 months now.  (We needed to replace our eldest son who went to university.) He was bred by Sue Seabridge here in sunny Lincolnshire and I happened to work with her husband. We had never owned a dog before or in Wesleys case, been owned by a dog. So after his glowing references about Irish terriers and a visit to their home we were hooked. He has the most fantastic personality and I have been amazed at the amount of attention he gets when we are out. People who had previously ignored my good mornings now hurry to greet me and talk to Wesley, as though we were old friends. Total strangers stop to ask after him and friends have even purchased his cousin. I am a great outdoors person and Wes has joined me and friends on many a day long excursion into the countryside, A great companion, friend and addition to our family.


Thanks for your reply. Cassie is now 6 and still full of fun and mischief, we actually have 2 Irish and our 2nd is Paddy a Carolmac dog who is now 5. Both are fantastic and work wonderfully as PAT dogs at a local brain injury hospital where they have many friends.

Richard Kelly

Another blow for us this week.

Caron is far more upset than I am, but I must say that my feelings are not devoid of some sense of being victimised or of racial prejudice.

Logic Hotch-it our Irish Terrier only came second in ” Dog Of The Village “.

(Letter from Finn – Logic Hotch-it came second in the best dog of the village. But it was in France and a French dog won, of course!)

I do think second place is very splendid in a French village so don’t let Logic Hotch-it be in the least bit down-hearted. – Lucy


Thank you as always for such a wonderful newsletter.   I love reading about our beautiful special friends.   They are just such an incredible breed.

Attached is a new photograph of Jamey with her very good friend Mel to add to our features!  They do agility together!

Jane, Jamey and Bollinger

These pictures are of my 6 month old puppy, Brannighan (see puppy page).  We took him to his first dog show (not to be shown) for socialization.  Needless to say, he thought he was His Royal Highness and all these dogs were just commoners! 😉  Thought you might like to see him.  Please feel free to give me your thoughts on him.  He will be shown but not for another couple of months.  In a few days he will be 8 months old.

P.S. regarding the trim of the ITs at the show and how short their coats were, I would like to add that I don’t think that is an “American” influence as much as it is the response to NOT having the correct coat.  I’m not taking your statement personally as I am not American, however, I asked that question before because I live on the West Coast and when we go to shows on the East Coast in America the coats are trimmed a little differently.  The fact is that many ITs do not have the correct coat so therefore they must trim them shorter because if they don’t, the obvious appearance will be a dead giveaway! … two cents.


What a delightful newsletter.  We got our new Irish Terrier four weeks ago and as you can see she is beautiful (see her on the puppy page).  We called her “Bonnie” after our old terrier who sadly died aged thirteen and a half. This new lady is full of character and loves exercise.


Thank you so much for your great website. It is delightful to read such wonderful things about Irish Terriers. I’d love to send you a picture of our 11 month old ‘Connie’. Where should I send it?

Laura Tait

I have only recently become aware of the delights of the Irish Terrier. Having been made redundant after working in a Bank for 32 years, I embarked on a training course to learn dog grooming. Of all the dogs that passed through my hands in those weeks, only one took my breath away & made me long to own one. That dog was an Irish! I attended Terrier day at Crufts & met a lady showing a gorgeous IT dog called Finn. We chatted & I found out that she had bred her bitch the week prior. I had to put my name down, I said for a boy. However, when the pups were born & I went to see them, although they were all lovely, I only had eyes for one cheeky fluffy little bitch. So began the anxious wait to see if I could have her but joy of joy all worked out & I now have her at home. Just the sight of her makes me smile, she just radiates happiness & fun. I can never imagine being without her & cant wait to take her out to share her with the world. I am so pleased to join your ranks & look forward to meeting new friends at the events ahead. Look out for us, her name is Balyrolyat Morning Mist but I call her Flo.


Just a quick hi and to share a picture or two with you.

Florrie is well although have also become somewhat deaf of late but can’t decide if it is genuine or simply when it suits her. She sleeps a little more and somewhat deeply now and sometimes it’s quite difficult to wake her. We snore now and break wind a little – nothing that I won’t do at her age!

We have an otter down at the lake which Florrie likes to check up on now along with the mink. I have to bring the lead with me now just in case she refuses to leave the Water Ski Club. Basically if there is food cooking on the BBQ madam refuses to leave. Normally when I am skiing Florrie is always to be found in the boat but now the BBQ watch takes preference!

She also has a new game – the Staring Game. Basically if you blink you give me a sausage! Flo has worked out that the women are an easier touch than me for snacks.

My sister brought me a kilo bag of biltong back from South Africa which I had been sharing with Flo on long journeys in the car. I went to get the bag it from behind the driver’s seat the other day to find an empty bag! Flo is not normally a thief but it must have been too much of a temptation for her. Whether it was eaten in one sitting I do not know but thankfully it stayed down!

Dermot and Flo

Just stopped laughing at your latest newsletter article regarding the tale of the mouse. This is a regular occurrence with us at the moment, as the field-mice are now looking for winter accommodation and Maggie and Pippa are having no more visitors in their domain!

We lost our elderly Jack Russell Meg, who was Maggie’s adopted mother, during the summer and Maggie was totally lost without her. We now have another pup named Pippa who has taken over the household and is intent on taking all the attention as she is now the baby and not Maggie !!


Maggie has had a very successful 1st summer as a show dog / family pet and is regularly winning well at some of the bigger shows over here in Ireland. She has done very well as a puppy and is now moving up to junior level, if she does well great and if not we will still be bringing the best dog home.

Best of luck with the new calendar and look forward to the next newsletter.

Steve Kennedy

Steve Kennedy

Just thought you might like to know that my Irish Terrier, Briar is starring in the upcoming Pets at Home TV advert due out in February. This will be her first jaunt on to the small screen. She is not a professional acting dog but like all Irish Terriers she is a character. She was just spotted at an obedience dog show by an animal acting agent. Details were exchanged at the time but I thought nothing more of it. Six months later the call came that she had been chosen to play Max in aforementioned ad. After two days of filming, Briar had won over the entire cast and crew about how wonderful Irish Terriers are; she was always enthusiastic for each take and would wait patiently when equipment needed adjustments. In comparison, the Afghan hound did one take and then lay on the floor and refused point black to get up again!

Anyway, it is thanks to Lucy that I even have an Irish Terrier as she stopped me when I was on my way to look at the wire fox terriers at Discover Dogs in 2007 and explained the benefits of the Micks.

In 2008 I found a puppy with Ann Bradley’s help by Sue Seabridge’s Sujoncla Sinte Galeshka. She turned out to love learning, not in an obsessive Border Collie sort of way but with a more creative bent. She passed all of her Kennel Club Good Citizen tests with flying colours. But as she has been at the training club the longest she does now view it as her club and she makes it her business to meet and greet new members and possibly tests their treats for them!

Anyway thank you once again, hope you like the ad, Briar is no show dog but she is my dog and I love her very much.


Ruth Turner

I’m sure you don’t remember but about 4 years ago, I contacted you as I’d just bough t my first Irish Terrier pup – and my first dog since I was a little girl. Well four years on Reilly is the most important thing in my life (don’t tell him or my partner that!), and I have never had something that had impacted my life so profoundly.

But now following the death of my father, and the need to look after my mother in Sri Lanka, Reilly and I are about to embark on out next big adventure – emigrating to Sri Lanka!  Whilst it’s all very exciting I am worried sick about the stress the flight and being separated from us in a crate for 10 hours will do to him. I can’t give him toys or even something of mine with my smell on it. He is a wonderfully balanced well behaved dog and I’m sure he’ll cope fine but I’m not coping with putting him through this. Is there any advice you can give me?  I also wonder if you hear from a Danish Lady called Karen – she used to walk your IT’s and in fact I think you gave her Sienna?  Also a lovely older gentleman with an IT called Buster who walks in Peckham Rye Park also knows you quite well – Reilly and Buster are great friends. I do hope this move isn’t going to deprive my boy in any way…..any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Barney is almost 5 months now and an architectural salvage dealer with me here in Vauxhall. We come into work every day on the train together where he charms the customers while I end up with the boring paperwork! Here are some photos of him earning his keep with a little promotional work!..

Lucy 2

Last year I noticed on your website, under ‘Features,’ a portrait of an Irish terrier which I thought was so lovely that I contacted the artist, Arabella Dorman (   I asked her if she would do a similar portrait of my Irish terrier, Digby and I thought you would like to see the result, with which I am absolutely delighted as it captures his spirit perfectly.

Arabella, herself an Irish terrier owner, feels as I do that they are indeed a very, very special breed of dog!

Jilly Thornton

Jilly Thornton

The Queen has asked me to write and thank you for your letter and present of the delightful calendar which you have sent.

It was very kind of you to wish Her Majesty to have a copy of this calendar and I am to thank you and your family for your good wishes for the forthcoming Diamond Jubilee.

Yours sincerely
Annabel Whitehead

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham PalaceLady-in-Waiting

Thank you so much for the wonderful letters of sympathy about my beloved Beegie. We miss her desperately but I am delighted to say Zu has picked up her spirits and Libby…well…she thinks that life is one big hectic and totally enjoyable gallop round.

I will answer all your cards letters and emails and have been very touched and grateful for your sympathy.

We are managing and thank you again, it has been a sorrow shared.


We met briefly at the Animals in War service (smooth haired fox terrier called Trevor) and you very kindly gave me a copy of your book; we devoured this over the weekend and just loved it; we intend to give it to my 5 year old niece who lists her favourite things as “animals, books and clothes” – go girl!! She will also love it!

Thank you so much. It was so kind of you and it is a lovely book. I was en route to the Sloan Square Hotel via a dog walk in Hyde Park last Friday (delivering tea to Italians!) and had not realised the service was taking place (we usually attend); we stayed, I cried, especially for the horses and mules; Trevor was sufficiently distracted by the (gorgeous!) mule but asked (repeatedly!) to leave after 10 minutess but I refused and the service was as lovely and poignant as ever. Always love your (Irish) terrier dedication and (as you know) it fits ALL terriers! When the service finished, we continued our plans and Trevor played mad ball games in Hyde Park like a kid let out of school – dogs (especially Terriers?) simply grab joy whenever they can and I know Trevor was celebrating the end of the service – and I am also sure his canine predecessors had the same approach in wartime!

So thank you again and my best wishes as always.

Elizabeth Holton

On behalf of the governors, staff and children of Blockley C. of E. Primary school may I thank Lucy for the kind donation of her beautiful book ‘Jock of the Great War.’ Steve Goody, Blue Cross director of External Affairs, received the book from Lucy at a recent Animals in War memorial event and kindly passed it to us. We have 142 children on roll and always acknowledge Remembrance Day….this year 20 children represented the school at a service around the village monument. We talk at length about the human sacrifices of war, but now it will be fantastic to be able to explain the role of the Irish terrier. Please assure Lucy that the book will be a treasured addition to our school library.

With grateful thanks and kindest regards.

Linda JeffcuttHeadteacher

Many apologies for not responding sooner. Spike is wonderful character. He loves a cuddle and to sit on your lap. He is like a sponge…he can’t get enough affection. He even makes a type of purring sound when he is happy. We got him when he was 3 years old and he was mainly mute but has definitely made up for lost time and always likes to have the last word.

ell out certain foods because if he hears the word mid sentence he thinks he is getting a treat!! He eats Lily’s Kitchen food and loves it and now thinks that all cardboard boxes that arrive are his for the taking! Please excuse the photo he needs a hair cut but he looks so cute! We are completely smitten with him.

Nichola Griffith

Nichola Griffith

My name is Nicki. I have been receiving your wonderful newsletters, following enquiries I made through Ann some time back, of Irish Terrier breeders and networks.  I met Ann a long time ago when we welcomed our first Irish Terrier into the family.  I was 15 years old, and had spent years harassing my parents for a dog.  Knowing I was allergic to just about every animal and a list of other substances both natural and manmade, my father spent a long time researching breeds before he announced we were going to get an ‘Irish’.

At first we were surprised at the choice, we had never heard, or seen one.  Now looking back, it was the best thing that ever happen to us, me, I am hooked for life..  Gambol was our first Irish, and he was everything and more you could expect from the breed.  He was my best friend and I adored him until he departed this world at the ripe age of 15 ½ years.  He travelled the world with us, spent 2 terms in Quarantine, which was a crime, and was the most amazing living entity that came into my life.  I have always loved dogs, but having an Irish is another thing altogether.

I love your newsletter, it details explicitly,  the features, and personality of Irish Terriers, and more than anything, it captures the love and laughter they bring into our lives.  They are extraordinarily amusing, and are so connected to us and our behaviours is almost scary at times.  Our current Irish is called Bertie.  He was breed from one of Ann’s Champions and a lady called Candice.  I was determined for him to have the same linage as Gambol, and  it is amazing our similar they are.  I call Bertie the puppy Messiah.  He is simply gorgeous,  His temperament, energy and mannerisms are perfect.  He is a total darling, trained while keeping his independence and personality, and is loved by everyone.  It is ridiculous how many times we are stopped on walks, and while he is with me constantly, I refrain for taken him to the garden centres when I am in a rush, as it adds another hour to the trip, with the amount of people that make a fuss over him.  And more importantly for him to ensure he has said hello to everyone, and given one of his specials ‘ A Bertie Bear hug’

Thank you for the letters, they are lovely to read, long may they continue, if you are ever in the region of Northwest London With Liberty Belle, it would be super to go for a romp with the dogs.

Nicki & Christian

Nicki & Christian Franklin

I have three Irish Terriers. Kyrie is the oldest at 12 1/2 years old, Elvis is 12 and Misty is 5. We live in the San Francisco area and I am a board member of our local Irish Terrier club. I am in charge of Trophies and Raffles and I just Love Lucy’s books. She is very much in tune with classic Irish Terrier personalities and behaviors so her books will definitely be enjoyed by our members.

My Elvis is a retired show dog and his name is CH Donedaire The Happy Wanderer and has sired several champion pups. He currently has 4 Great-Grand children showing this year in CA. Last year he had 18 pups in Australia thru AI, one litter of 12, and another of six. The breeder of the pups named one of her puppies “Anluan Holy Moses”. (I think that really describes how you would feel having 18 puppies in one week) Moses won Best Puppy in Show at Perth’s Royal Show at six months old. Misty is also a champion and is still competing, her show name is CH Donedaire’s Enchanted Mist (She is Elvis’s niece).

Yesterday, I heard a high pitched whine coming from the back of the garden and I knew it was Elvis. I went running outside thinking he was injured or sick. I found him in the corner of the yard and all I could see was the end of his little red tail. He had a rat cornered behind some plant pots and the whine was his excitement of the adventure he was having, hunting that wily Rat and trying really hard to catch it. Boy was I relieved and I had to laugh as his face was just covered in dirt and spider webs. I guess he was just doing what comes natural even at his advanced age. I have attached pictures of Elvis and Misty together, Elvis is taller one on right, and then picture of Misty by herself at show in Long Beach, then one of Kyrie visiting Santa.

Nancy Mahan

Marion Lovelace, the breeder of my beautiful Irish Terrier girl Amber (Brazan Amber Pageant) encouraged me to contact you and share the photo of my “flying girl” which has recently won the “most talented pet” photo competition. Amber is our first (and definitely not the last) Irish Terrier.
She is 22 months old, has the most lovely temperament, great sense of humour and the looks of a typical Brazan. She is a happy and “full of beans” youngster enjoying life to the fullest which I think is truly reflected by the photo. I have also attached a “sitting” photo to prove that she can (sometimes) sit still when asked :).

Amber & Her Human Pack

Thank you for the lovely newsletters about our wonderful red terriers.

We never cease to admire the great character of this fabulous breed. Our Red is so interactive and tuned in to everything we say and do. A single look or gesture is sufficient for him to understand what is required or what is happening, and likewise we know what he is asking or telling. Every day is a doggy joy. Red loves a visitor and it makes his day when friends call. He is a morning person, ready for some fun as soon as he opens his eyes, but in the evening he retires upstairs to bed and leaves us to the TV !  Too much noise !  Last thing at night he knows to go into the garden for a last wee.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next show. Meanwhile a couple of photos to enjoy. One is Red in the bluebells in the local Cliveden estate (of Profumo fame).

Another is with his ginger stepbrother, Monty, who adores Red. It is reluctantly mutual!

Then himself with an Xmas prop.

Jennifer & Tony

We just want to say a big thank you from all the McGloin family for sending us such wonderful books. We have had Irish Terriers for years now; they are the best family dogs anyone could wish for and they always greet us with such a smile the minute we come home. We walk for miles while the terriers race around the beach and they also love chasing rabbits. They guard the home and we love these dogs so much. They are clever, beautiful and like our very own guardian angels who listen and know us better than we know ourselves – priceless.

McGloin Family

Thanks for sending on another of Lucy’s delightful and endearing newsletters! Her descriptive abilities are so well-honed that I feel as if I am back in England and seeing all the sights with my own eyes. Her characterization of the Dachshund sounds about right – they are a determined lot whether miniature or standard!

When I was in England in July I was so grateful to Ann Bradley, the extremely kind and competent Secretary of the ITA, for helping me sort out all the details of overseas membership. I was so pleased to receive the ITA Yearbook and the very classy membership pin! Ann was such a warm and knowledgeable ambassador for the breed and for the Irish Terrier Association and really made me feel very welcomed as a member!

Rebecca Barcy